Se7en + 1 Join SanParks for Madiba Day…

This past Friday we were joining some our friends from SanParks to paint a mural on a school in Tafelsig, as part of the Madiba Day Celebrations. Madiba Day is a big day for most South Africans as folk from all over the country gather together to spend 67 minutes doing something uplifting. Earlier this year we planted trees in this area with Greenpop and we were eager to drive by and see how the trees were getting on. Turns out that Cape Town decided to have winter on Friday… a typical Cape Storm of torrential rain, howling wind and freezing cold temperatures. Our little friends were dressed for the weather…

se7en - 161015 - 1098.jpg

It was cold, cold, cold… colder… and did I mention torrential rain. So there was no painting of a mural. But the teams from SanParks were there in full force and together they transformed a little play school, nestled under Cape Town International Airports flight path, into a haven.

se7en - 161015 - 1193.jpg

The small scholars were whisked away for an outing… and while they were away a massive transformation took place…

se7en - 170715 - 4879.jpg

Classic Cleaning

se7en - 161015 - 1200.jpg

The container classroom was thoroughly scrubbed…

se7en - 180715 - 4946.jpg

And posters popped up.

se7en - 161015 - 1201.jpg

Bookshelves were sorted and toys set up…

se7en - 161015 - 1138.jpg

Plenty of Painting

se7en - 161015 - 1082.jpg

While we couldn’t paint outdoors we certainly could paint indoors…

se7en - 161015 - 1194.jpg

A little preparation…

se7en - 180715 - 4941.jpg

Everyone was dying to get involved with this…

se7en - 180715 - 4944.jpg

se7en - 161015 - 1185.jpg

And there was some concentrated effort…

se7en - 161015 - 1086.jpg

se7en - 161015 - 1187.jpg

And a clean up session…

se7en - 161015 - 1140.jpg

And the main classroom was ready…

se7en - 161015 - 1225.jpg

A Splendid Sand Pit

se7en - 161015 - 1227.jpg

Meanwhile, outdoors… in the pouring rain,

se7en - 161015 - 1183.jpg

A fabulous huge new sand pit was created…

se7en - 180715 - 4933.jpg

Brilliant Boardwalks

se7en - 161015 - 1107.jpg

New boardwalks were created for little students to get around their play ground easily…

se7en - 161015 - 1097.jpg

Perfect Paving

se7en - 161015 - 1203.jpg

And there were lessons in paving…

se7en - 161015 - 1092.jpg

Bob the builder has nothing on these guys…

se7en - 161015 - 1081.jpg

Amazing, in just a morning…

se7en - 161015 - 1128.jpg

Just add some finesse…

se7en - 161015 - 1111.jpg

Take some care…

se7en - 161015 - 1208.jpg

And before you know it a path emerged…

se7en - 161015 - 1115.jpg

se7en - 170715 - 4889.jpg

Plenty of Planting

se7en - 161015 - 1033.jpg

And the part of the project the whole gang was keen to be part of… planting heaps of indigenous plants…

se7en - 161015 - 1117.jpg

Heaps of preparation and plenty of planting…

se7en - 161015 - 1120.jpg

Even window boxes were filled with plants…

se7en - 170715 - 4894.jpg

Basically plant until you can’t plant anymore…

se7en - 170715 - 4914.jpg

What can I say… we loved every part of it. We learned heaps from the SanParks Team about paving, planting and painting. And I bet those little ones got a big surprise when they got back to school!!!

se7en - 170715 - 4914.jpg

21 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Join SanParks for Madiba Day…”

  1. What a fun project – amazing what can get accomplished by working together!

  2. Hay Christi, I have to say… Our kids had such a blast – who wouldn’t have fun creating a totally new play school and gardening in the pouring rain!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  3. Such a fab project – both for the do-ers and the receivers! Great to see a glimpse of the many positive things happening in SA every day.

  4. Hay Corli, for every one project there are ten million more to join in… there is so much to do over here and our guys are really enjoying volunteering for things that really matter and make a difference. Counting down the days, just saying!!!

  5. Thanks Wendy, this day was so good for all of us, nothing like focusing on a project together, after time apart, to bring everyone onto the same team. It is good to be home… my kids have needed time with all of me, blogging has just had to wait, but I am dying to share my travels… it is a matter of just where to start!!!

  6. Hay Tammy, we had such a blast… literally a blast of stormy weather and a blast of fun!!! Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!!!

  7. This is my kind of thing! Love it and it makes me happy that the cold and rain didn’t put a damper on things.

  8. Oh Mrs FF, Thank you so much for stopping by… turns out we had to work hard to stay warm… and we loved it!!! It is so great for my kids to have a chance to be involved in projects like this… Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

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