Se7en’s August And Your Free Printable Calendar…


Well hello August, I have no idea how it can be August already…

se7en - 020815 - 2015001.jpg

Click on the calendar page, it will open in a new tab, print it out (landscape is best) and then colour it and fill in the days that you want to celebrate… pop it on the fridge and you are good to go. You can still find all the calendar pages down the right hand side of our website and they are all gathered together in our Almanac page for easy searching… If you have holidays or ideas that you would like to add then please go ahead and comment, I would love to have our calendars packed to the brim!!!

6 Replies to “Se7en’s August And Your Free Printable Calendar…”

  1. you missed a very important date – my birthday on Thursday 🙂

    it’s the strangest thing at my work – no one wants to celebrate their birthdays and they’re all SUPER young……. maybe they don’t realise that every year is such a gift!

  2. TheBoyandMe, How totally cool that you stopped by, thank you!!! And I am so glad you enjoyed this post. It is one post that you can really rely on, on our site on the first of each month we post a calendar post… since the beginning of time, or blogging… whichever came first!!! Hope you have the most fantastic week!!!

  3. Oh Marcia, what is that… I cannot fathom not celebrating such a great event!!! Celebrate away!!! And then celebrate some more… I have to say that I get much better at celebrating and doing what I would like to do for my birthday… which is go for an amble on the beach with my kids, than I used too. I used to feel overwhelmed by all the birthday “shoulds and shouldn’t’s” I can safely say that that is no longer a problem for me!!! hope you have a great celebratory week… I hope it is full of lovely surprises!!!

  4. I just wanted to thank you for the monthly calendars. I print one for each of my kids to use. My daughter loves colouring them in.

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