Se7en + 1 Visit the Hokulea, World Wide Voyage…

I remember as a small child watching a movie in a school hall about a chap that sailed around the whole wide world… in fact I later found articles about it in National Geographic magazines. I realised that it wasn’t just a vague childhood memory, it had actually happened. As a small person watching a white sheet screen and the click, click, click of the projector… and the steady rise and fall of the waves, day after day and out after hour, captured me. Well that set me up with a sense of adventure for life, something that I fully intend to instill in our gang…

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I am drawn to world Wide Voyages, I can’t help myself, and have been following the Hokulau Team on You Tube avidly, as they travel around the world in a canoe. Using traditional navigation techniques and following the stars, ocean currents and clouds, they are in a journey of friendship and connection… they want to share and learn about protecting the world, not just the environment, but cultures and tradition. It is fascinating, holistic and something that totally grabbed my attention right from the start. Turns out they have been visiting in Cape Town, in fact one of their latest videos shows exactly where we go exploring and rock pooling in the nature reserve each month. To say we were over excited doesn’t begin to cover it… Anyway they were visiting in the V and A Waterfront last weekend and we were not going to miss that, as well as having a whole lot of interactive fun at the Two Oceans Aquarium.

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On Board the Hokele’a

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Honestly… can you imagine sailing around the how wide world…

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We had a chance to explore on board…

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Here is our guide and the captain…

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Who has been traveling the world for decades… a voyager…

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These guys follow the stars…

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There are a lot of knots…

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And Knotting…

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Interesting tales…

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And this single oar is steering them on a dream around the world…

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What an inspiration it was to meet all these exciting people, so eager to tell us about their adventures…

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The Hokele’a at the Two Oceans Aquarium

Not only do they have a canoe touring the world, but an educational back up team joins them in ports around the world and they were meeting folk at the Two Oceans Aquarium… so many folk excited to teach us about their project and show us what they have been doing.

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The spirit of adventure may well have been ignited at this table…

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With this team of teachers all the way from Hawaii, practically antipodal.

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We went downstairs to meet this team and they were teaching about debris in the ocean… all those beach clean-ups must be done…

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This poster showed the stomach contents of an albatross before it takes flight for the year… shocking really.

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We spoke about the canoe, and how the twelve folk on board are living in a platform and totally exposed to the elements.

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And finally there was a chance to song about Hawaii’s own Star… that from here onwards, guides them home.

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What an amazing team and what an adventure they are on… Join us in following them… We are loving their journey and the hope that they stand for.

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9 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Visit the Hokulea, World Wide Voyage…”

  1. Oh, Se7en gang – what an awesome opportunity! Sailing around the world is a secret dream of mine! So glad to learn of this voyage through you today.

  2. Hay Cassey, Isn’t it something, sleeping out on the deck, and traveling from place to place meeting new people… I love it!!!

  3. Hay Christi, Isn’t it brilliant, you will love following them along… it is just fascinating!!! Hope you have a fantastic week ahead!!!

  4. ALOHA – from one of the ‘ukulele players that sang with you! This is a WONDERFUL blog post! thanks so much for sharing your experience and your joy!

  5. Aloha Lauren, What an honor to have you stop by… my kids may love you forever and have not stopped singing the song you taught them. I am so glad to hear that you and your team got home safely, wishing you all the best!!!

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