French Classic Cooking With Franck… The Introduction…

Well a new week and a new learning adventure… last week we invited our followers to join us on A French Classic Cooking Course… And welcome to those folk who have signed up and if you would still like to sign up all the details are at the end of this post…

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Lesson 1: Introduction

This week’s purpose was to get the folk who wanted to join us up and going. Those of you who joined in should have access to the UDEMY site. The introduction was a short video… where we met our renowned chef and teacher, Frank Dangereux.

Lesson 2: Soups

We immediately had a peak at the video for the first real lesson, on French soups. At the top right hand corner above the video screen is a blue button, called “View Resources” click on that to see the class notes and tips. Amongst the tips were a list of pantry staples and equipment… and recipe sheets. We watched the video and during this week we will be heading for the store… let’s just say some of us were inspired enough to write a shopping list.

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There are two soups to make for this class… Soupe gratinée à l’oignon, a classic French onion soup and Soupe au pistou with garlic croutons and this soup is the soup demonstrated on the video and a definite family feast will be launching at the dinner table.

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Together there will be chopping and slicing, soaking and dicing… I am sure we won’t manage it quite as smoothly as the chef himself, but we do have enthusiasm on our side and supper will be sorted. We will post photographs of our cooking adventure on instagram (#cookingwithse7en) and we will be back next week with the results of our soup preparation and info for the lesson to follow, lesson 3: Sauces. Happy cooking and if you are following along then let us know how it is going, we would love to hear back from you.

How to Join Us

It isn’t too late to join in at all and if you still want to join in then check out our previous post and leave a comment… The French Classic Cooking Course is available right now on the UDEMY site at $29.00… but I have a fabulous special of our readers, wherever you are in the world. I have a number of vouchers that will allow up to fifty folk to join us for only $5.

If you would like to join us, leave a comment

You will receive, via email, a voucher that allows you to access the course for only $5. I do have to add that this isn’t automated, I have to email each of you and it might take a little while to get back to you, we homeschool a number of kids over here and email takes time… don’t panic I will get back to you with a voucher as soon as I possibly can.


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We would like to thank Yuppie Chef for inviting us to join them on their new Cooking School Adventure with UDEMY. This is not a sponsored post and we were not paid to write it. However Yuppie Chef did provide us with free access to the course and fifty $5. vouchers to share with our readers. Opinions expressed throughout our journey will be as usual, entirely our own.

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  1. Hi I would like to cook my way through join your French cooking class if possible for the kind offer of $5.

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