French Classic Cooking with Franck: The Poultry Edition…

I cannot believe how fast Our French Classic Cooking Course is going… it has been a lot of fun. I can say my kids have learnt a lot of new skills and that they are adding new recipes to their cooking repertoire each week…

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Lesson 5: Duck and Chicken…

This week was clearly the poultry week, and after watching the video folk were a little quiet… nobody wanted to prepare duck. Talk about adventurous eating fail. So we went immediately to the chicken recipe and tried that instead. We believe each of our kids need to leave home with a few signature recipes up their sleeves and this is Hood #4’s. He had no problem putting it together and everybody loved it.

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Recipe: Poulet Basquaise…

This was one of Julia Child’s favourite recipes, we had to find out why… Honestly anything that begins with yummy fresh vegetables has a got to end up fantastic… And it was so easy!!!

se7en - 060316 - 1790.jpg

There was a heap of chopping… because everybody loves chopping…

se7en - 060316 - 1793.jpg

Anyway, I left my cook to it… and vegetables were prepared…

se7en - 060316 - 1801.jpg

Chicken was browned…

se7en - 060316 - 1796.jpg

Tomatoes were added to create the sauce…

se7en - 060316 - 1803.jpg

Then leave it bubbling away while you read a couple of chapters…

se7en - 060316 - 1811.jpg

And dinner was literally done. Easy, impressive and delicious, not a bad signature dish for a twelve year old.

Class Photos

Love that this week quite a few folk sent us their pictures. How fabulous is it that all these folk are joining in and we are mastering French cooking together.

se7en - 080316 -_.jpg
The cutest Salad Nicoise ever!!!

se7en - 080316 - 1865.jpg
Fabulous French Fries

se7en - 080316 - 1864.jpg
Would you look at this lovely Poulet Basquaise

Huge “well done” to those folk who sent us pictures. And for all our classmates, it doesn’t matter where you are in the course go ahead send us your pictures, we would love too post them for you. If you pop them on instagram then use the hashtag: #cookingwithse7en so that we can find you…

The Class so Far

Next week we will be cooking steak… and some folk over here are really looking forward to that. It’s going to be fabulous. Happy cooking and if you are following along then let us know how it is going, we would love to hear back from you.


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We would like to thank Yuppie Chef for inviting us to join them on their new Cooking School Adventure with UDEMY. This is not a sponsored post and we were not paid to write it. However Yuppie Chef did provide us with free access to the course and fifty $5. vouchers to share with our readers. Opinions expressed throughout our journey will be as usual, entirely our own.

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  1. that looks absolutely yummy!!! I may just be inspired to do that myself 🙂

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