The Week That Was #215

It’s been a while since A Week That Was Post. After a break from blogging it seems like a good way to get back into things. Can I just say that a break from blogging is a fabulous thing, no wonder how much you love blogging. Just getting to bed early and reading a book… watching a movie on the couch with the kids and not even giving a thought to the next post is kind of a luxury!!!

se7en - 050416 - 2554.jpg
The Weather Tree…

The season is really changing, clear blue skies are not quite as clear as they were…

se7en - 050316 - 1729.jpg

But sunrises and sunsets are unbeatable…

se7en - 260116 - 0261.jpg

Worth stopping to catch them…

se7en - 040316 - 1714.jpg

The Easter weekend was basically hot cross buns, coffee and piles of books, pretty much a family readathon as we read our way through all our review books.

se7en - 280316 - 2405.jpg

And we are hanging on to our endless summer for all our might… tell us that summer is going to last at least a little longer…

se7en - 310316 - 2496.jpg

It has been eight very long weeks from cast to cast to brace… highly recommend that you don’t break your arm as a grown-up. My goodness it has been a schlepp…

se7en - 040416 - 2549.jpg

I can honestly say that I have done no laundry and washed no dishes and not even swept a floor for the duration… and my gang seem to have survived the extra burden of chores in high spirits…

se7en - 080316 - 0560.jpg

Otherwise we have played…

se7en - 200216 - 1076.jpg

Gone on evening ambles in the city…

se7en - 180216 - 1003.jpg

And we are settling in for game season… every board game is getting maximum use right now…

se7en - 050416 - 2553.jpg

I am rewarding the person who gets their school done first a quick game of whatever they like… Bananagrams is possibly the most loved game over here… like ever!!!

Artwork of the Week

se7en - 180216 - 1024.jpg

We are in the home straight of our school year and we have managed an art project every week… that’s a bit of a win… it has taken years and years of homeschooling to find our groove and get the school work that we like the most, done.

Book of the Week

se7en - 270316 - 2401.jpg

Otherwise these three are flying into bed every night as we race through the How to Train Your Dragon Series… I started reading it with just Hood #8, but the others quickly joined us and we are intrigued. The first few chapters were a little darker than I anticipated, and I thought they might be a little scared to go creeping around in a cave… but no, no fear at all!!! And once the hero, Hiccup, has his naughty little toothless dragon in his arms there was no looking back. We are hooked.

This is our family read right now… five books in one, almost 800 pages of my favourite childhood books. Every time I read it I think, “Oh my, these books are so brilliant.” Definitely written in an era before kids reads were routinely dumbed down. The chapters are an average 25 pages long, and lovely rich vocabulary. We are half way through Book 2, and it is epic… so glad we still have three books in the sequence to go, because much as everyone wants to know what happens, nobody is ready for the story to end anytime soon.

And a Snapshot in Time

se7en - 271215 - 9319.jpg

Hood #1

se7en - 180316 - 0833.jpg

Hood #2

se7en - 240216 - 0259.jpg

Hood #3

se7en - 200316 - 0071.jpg

Hood #4

se7en - 200316 - 0074.jpg

Hood #5

se7en - 080316 - 0629.jpg

Hood #6

se7en - 080316 - 0569.jpg

Hood #7

se7en - 200316 - 0077.jpg

Hood #8

And that’s us… Hope you all have a fabulous week!!!

10 Replies to “The Week That Was #215”

  1. O waw,what a week!
    Kids are so big! What are they eating?:)
    Great art!
    Always love to read your blog!

  2. How long till you get full use of your arm? It definitely has been a long road healing

    Those colorful houses I can’t get enough of them so stunning.

    And yay on being in the final stretch of school

  3. Hay Cassey, Jay Cassey… It is rather a cause for celebration!!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a great week!!!

  4. Katja, good to hear from you… they grow up super fast. I can’t seem to stop them at all. Hope you had a wonderful week!!!

  5. Thanks Cat, It has been a bit of a mission… blogging one word, one letter at a time is not really my style. It has slowed me significantly, which probably isn’t a bad thing. Hope you all had a great week… so looking forward to this weekend!!!

  6. Oh MrsFF, you are so sweet… we are in the home straight. I just did a thoroughly good job of breaking it, but in a couple of weeks it should be 100%. There is always hope!!! We are in our last quarter of school… and it feels so good to have the end in sight. Hope you had a good week!!!

  7. Isn’t a break a wonderful thing (from blogging of course, not the arm! ). No matter how much love for the thing. Sometimes hard to see going in until you are through it!

    I won’t pretend not to be happy to be reading a Week That Was post, though…

    Glad you’re in the home stretch with your arm and have been enjoying your break otherwise! xo

  8. Yes Christi, some breaks are good and others not so much!!! And yeah, I rather like catching up with Week that Was posts… Hope you are all having a great week and that there is some spring in the air!!!

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