Se7en + 1 Green Games in the Great OutDoors at the Good HouseKeeping Family Fun Day…

Last week I blogged about the Good HouseKeeping BrightFuture Family Fun Day. An outing like this is so far removed from our kids everyday life, because we mostly tend to avoid crowds and head for the hills and because we have a gang of kids and events like this can get really pricey really quickly, with the hidden costs involved in just wandering about.

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Turns out this event offered value for money, a minimal once off entrance fee and then everything inside was free. There was nothing for sale. There were face paints and activities and games and everything was covered in the price of the ticket, or sponsored (I guess).

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What I wasn’t expecting was a lovely green theme, which takes any event for my green loving kids from good to absolutely fantastic…

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In fact, if one posted a pic tagged #sendaseed they promised to plant a tree. Hopefully a forest will be planted because of Sunday. We like anything awesome to do with planting trees. So we posted a pic!!!

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Typical Fun at the Fair

The day was sweltering, and the crowds daunting… except as we arrived the early risers were leaving, turned out to be perfect timing.

se7en - 100416 - 8487.jpg

Local musicians and folk sitting in every available shady spot…

se7en - 100416 - 1339.jpg

And overhead sprinklers for the win!!!

se7en - 100416 - 1288.jpg

There wild rumpus dancing competition, in which my kids were determined to be winners and scored about a week’s worth of breakfast cereal!!!

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Food Trucks

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The only thing we did have to pay for was food, but arriving a little later meant that the food trucks had run out of food. That could have been a galactic fail. There was plenty of icy cold water. There were sponsors walking around with yummy yogurt. But lunchtime… on a hot hot day and nothing to eat. Of course there was that supply of cereal. But for the win, the organisers called out for free pizza for the kids… none of my gang were complaining, and that really saved the day. Food trucks became food bikes.

Green Games in the Great OutDoors…

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And here is the reason for the post: Good clean fun in the great outdoors and lots of it. There was a field of games that my kids loved. Easy games to create at home, made from mostly recycled goodies. My guys rushed home, inspired to create a few garden games of their own.

  1. Tic-Tac-Toe:
  2. se7en - 100416 - 1327.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 2781.jpg

  3. Play Catch:
  4. se7en - 100416 - 1323.jpg

  5. Bowling:
  6. se7en - 100416 - 1324.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 2791.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 1281.jpg

  7. Bubbles:
  8. se7en - 100416 - 1321.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 2785.jpg

  9. Twister:
  10. se7en - 100416 - 1322.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 1307.jpg

  11. Ball Toss:
  12. se7en - 100416 - 1330.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 1262.jpg

  13. Ring Toss:
  14. se7en - 100416 - 1329.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 1318.jpg

    And Finally Face Paints

    se7en - 100416 - 1301.jpg

    There are a couple of short people I know, that love face paints with all their hearts…

    se7en - 100416 - 2803.jpg

    They had no problem waiting in the long long long queue…

    se7en - 100416 - 8489.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 8494.jpg

    se7en - 100416 - 8498.jpg

    And that was it… a great day out… will be looking out for this event next year.

    se7en - 100416 - 1342.jpg

    This is not a sponsored post. We were provided with tickets for the event, but we were not asked to blog about it. I thought our readers would enjoy a peak at a fun day out, and the opinions expressed are entirely our own, as usual.

2 Replies to “Se7en + 1 Green Games in the Great OutDoors at the Good HouseKeeping Family Fun Day…”

  1. Hay Marcia, My gang had a blast… not something I would do every weekend, being a recluse and all that, but as an occasional outing it was great. The organizers had to contend with an unseasonably hot day… like hot hot hot, and food trucks that didn’t live up to expectations… but they bounced back and did their best. I thought we would stay an hour or two but here was tons of really fun stuff to do, so we stayed practically the whole day… We will definitively be looking out for it on the calendar again next year!!!

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