Se7en Visit the Montebello Design Centre for a Book Launch…

We recently visited the Montebello Design Centre and David Krut Project for the launch of The Rainbow’s Heart by Richard Latimer and published by local publisher, Bumble Books.


The story is about two cousins, Dusty Rhodes and Bob Wyre, who are who go on a wild journey across the African plains in their jeep, packed with everything you can imagine… including a packet of seeds. They are following a special bird called the Honey Guide, who is taking them to meet the Queen bee.


When they finally reach the bees, the bees are starving, a thief has stolen all the flowers… and so the bees are at their very limit, when (spoiler alert) Dusty and Bob arrive with their seeds that magically grow and produce flowers as soon as they are planted… the bees thrive and survive and the cousins head home. Anyone who has ever been on a road trip, or dreams of a road trip… will love this book



While the book has a clear environmental theme and the story has a great feel to it, this book is actually all about the artwork. It is brilliant. And with my not quite reading child, this book would work just as well as a wordless picture book… I am going to say it again the illustrations are quite out of this world.


And you can see why this book launch needed a gallery… for these wonderful artworks.


Isn’t this the perfect page for a pause and as the story suggests a game of eye spy.


Meet the author, an artist and a gentleman…



And a treat for you all…

se7en-04-Feb-15-The Rainbow's Heart-1.jpg
Image credit to Bumble Books and the author, Richard Latimer. Click on the image, it will open in a fresh tag… print it using landscape mode and colour away!!!

Montebello Design Centre


Honestly, we have been past Montebello so many times, and we have never stopped in… and it turned out to have exactly the right kind of magic for the launch a beautiful picture book…


I can’t think why, it’s wonderful… and there is bunting!!! Gotta know I love bunting…




And a coffee shop…


And a crafty shop full of all sorts of loveliness…




And of course… baskets!!!


The Greenhouse Nursery


And then there is the Greenhouse Nursery and we fell quite in love with this magical place… take a walk with us…







Thank you so much to Bumble Books for the invitation to the launch. This is not a sponsored post, we were given a copy of the book for review purposes, we were not paid to write this post and all opinions were as usual, our own.

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  1. What a lovely way to spend the afternoon – I’d have to be planning more visits!

  2. Oh Christi, that magical greenhouse absolutely packed with treasures!!! Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

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