Se7en Are Off on a Book Voyage: Joining the Read the World Book Club…

Here is something fun for everyone, wherever you are in the world and whatever age you are… With the release of Jamie Martin of SimpleHomeschool’s new book: Give your Child the World, there is a Read the World Summer Book Club.


And no worries that is summer for the northern hemisphere, this is the perfect time for us to join up and snuggle in on our wintry days and read through piles of books, like we ever need an excuse. Homeschooling or not homeschooling, I am guessing almost everyone is either on summer break or winter school holidays right now, and what better thing to do than spend time reading with your kids.

Let’s Meet the Book

Give your Child the World by Jaimie Martin is a winner… and book behind the great fun Read the World Summer (winter for us) Book Club, hosted by Jamie Martin the author, of Simple Homeschool fame and Sarah Mackenzie, host of the one of my all time favourites can’t ever miss podcasts the Read Aloud Revival. (If you don’t listen to this podcast, whether you homeschool or not and you love sharing books with kids then you are totally missing out!!!)…

But lets talk about the book, which is written in two parts. The first part is autobiographical and tells of the journey of Jamie and her family to include a global atmosphere in their home and how they use books and a whole lot of other practical ideas to get a global world view. I love that she brings her own story to the table and her writing makes you feel as if you are having a conversation with her. The second part of her book is a chapter for each region of the world, including lists of books categorised according to picture books, chapter books, non-fiction books… and so on. I love reading books about books and this is the first time that I have found books categorised by region. This is a great way to hunt for books, books from all over the world, quite a few we have read before and quite a few that are new to us… we are so looking forward to this.

Let’s Talk About the #GiveYourChildtheWorld Book Club.

I really want our children to know that they are citizens of the world… we are lucky enough to live in a multicultural culture… I never want our kids to think that the way we live is the only way to live. Our children have to know the world is their’s to enjoy and savour, and with a lifestyle of learning there is no better way to learn new things than to visit different cultures than your own. We are so for traveling with our kids, gathering them up and showing them the world, but everybody knows that that isn’t always practical or feasible. However, there is no reason why we can’t travel the world from our couch… and if that has to be in books then all the better. Short of getting on a plane and getting there, this is the way for us right now. We have blogged about Virtually Voyaging before and getting all the gear you need in hand to prepare for your journey… this is exactly what we will be doing this week.


Each week we will travel to a new continent and a new chapter in Jamie’s book, how cool is that. Not only will we be virtually traveling, but we will reading through her book and finding new books to read and discover on our way. The first week begins today and this week is Multicultural Week… read a couple of books from all around the world. If you are on social media then post a pic and #Giveyourchildtheworld


To be sure we will be creating a couple of Travel Guides to take along with us… as one does. We will be grabbing a world wide cook book from the library and diving in to a couple of round-the-world feasts, not to mention visit a heap of museums.

Week 1: Multicultural Week


Here are our favourite multi-cultural books from around the world, beginning with atlases, because world travel requires great mapping skills…

And once you are armed with your maps… your can’t beat Dorling Kindersley for Children Around the World…

Then of course, we all like to about the heart and home of folk around the world…

And finally a week of books wouldn’t be complete without a pile of stories…

That’s us… Happy reading and don’t forget to hash tag your pics… #Giveyourchildtheworld


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