Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #331

Summer is in the air… and there has been a little bit of pirateering going on… as usual!!!


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. Lil Blue Boo’s DIY Portable Watercolor Palette is the cutest thing ever!!!
  2. And if you are into snail mail and crime writing then you have to take a peak at these postage stamps.
  3. Somewhere Slower on Journaling their Travels Around the World… love love love!!!
  4. If you haven’t met Jennie Maizels fun creative site full of things to do… here’s a list of sketchbook ideas, and here’s her instagram account.
  5. And on Blog, She Wrote… Art and Nature Study with Beatrix Potter… just lovely.
  6. This post on A Beautiful Mess: 12 DIY Soaps and Spa Goodies… just perfect for the next post I am posting!!!
  7. To quote the Modern Mrs D`arcy, “The mental processes involved in experiencing a book are pretty much the same, wether you “read” it with you eyes or your ears.” Seriously, audible books for the win, take a look at the Modern Mrs Darcy’s 15 Audiobooks that enhance your reading experience. So much to love.

A Blast From the Past:


Our Book of the Week:

Dan’s Angel by Lauren Child was a bit of a gem we picked up in the library last week, so much so that we had to share. This is Art Appreciation for the younger set in the best possible way… Dan is a detective in training and finds himself wandering through an art gallery with the Angel Gabriel as his guide… it is delightful as with typical Lauren Child artwork and plenty of youthful surprises, we are drawn from famous artwork to famous artwork… and taught a few facts about each famous painting as we went. This should be a whole series, of books. Brilliant reading, I got to read it again and again and we were quite sorry to return it to the library.

Print Wild

Weeks after the previous CTMeetup I am still enjoying all sorts of goodies from the goodie bag, if you don’t follow us on instagram then you would have missed this little gem that I got using the Print Wild Voucher. I have wanted a huge canvas print forever and in my year of getting photographs printed and updating my workspace I was thrilled to be able to get this from Print Wild… It was super easy to order from them, their customer service was superb… remember I am “slightly technologically challenged” and then within days a huge truck arrived with our order… All wrapped up, terribly carefully and no-one could imagine what surprise was inside!!!


And within minutes, it was up on the wall… I love it and it makes my heart sing every time I pause and take a look at it!!!


Nal’ibali Has a Fabulous Competition for Your Inner Story


Will you be South Africa’s next Story Bosso? Nal’ibali is a national campaign to spark a love of reading for South African children, in their own language. Right now they are running their annual story talent search… looking for an amazing storyteller in South Africa. The idea is to reawaken our culture of storytelling. Everybody has a story to tell and if you have a story bubbling to get out and you would like a chance at having it transformed into a book then here is your chance. For the Story Bosso competition you can submit a video or audio clip of you telling your story or reading your story, a new story or a retelling… in any one of South Africa’s eleven official languages. Really don’t be intimidated, last years winner was just se7en years old… anybody stands a chance. You can read all about the competition here. And important: closing date is 14 October… head on over and tell your story!!!

That’s us… Hope you are all had a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. Awesome links, as always – and can you imagine a trip around the world?! I’d love to see that journal in person!

  2. I know Christi, isn’t it fabulous, follow those guys on instagram they are a little bit of joy in the world, every single day. Lots of love and have a great week!!!

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