Just Taking a Pause…

I don’t often blog really close to my heart… but on this day every year… I take a pause. Because on this day three years ago, we lost our little Hood #9. I can say that three years on it just as hard to talk about it as it was back then, because even though so many folk have experienced the loss of an unborn baby, nobody wants to talk about it. A picture says a thousand words and while this picture is absolutely perfect, and I love my kids with all my heart… there is one little face that never made it into the photograph, and I loved that little one just as fiercely as I love them all.

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On this day I like to share the posts that I wrote about the journey we that we travelled with out little one, just to encourage folk who would like to understand friends that are going through the same thing and to encourage folk who are going through a similar experience to ours.

When you lose a love

When you lose a love… How can you help?

When you lose a love… It is a family affair.

When you lose a love… A whole year on.

When I get together with friends we talk about our day to day ups and downs, we definitely do not talk about the loss of our babies. But those of us who have lost babies are certainly not alone and the path we are traveling on is an age old one. I draw comfort from that, and to the many women that have been before me, who have held out their hands and said “I have been there too.” I salute you.

14 Replies to “Just Taking a Pause…”

  1. So wish with you the little face could have been in that picture too. The void never really goes away, does it?
    Thinking of you as you are remembering and as the years roll on.
    Sending biggest hugs …

  2. Sweet friend, thinking of you during this time. I don’t imagine it gets any easier. You are and will remain in our thoughts and prayers. xo

  3. Thank you for your courage in continuing to help us see how the pain remains, but how you honour that little one through writing about them. Hugs from here too.

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