Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #338

And we have been busy in a very relaxed way, everyone is hoping for summer with a little less hope than usual this year, because we are all kind of wishing we had had some good rain already… grey skies are greeted with a lot more enthusiasm than usual, but they don’t turn into rain… summer is rolling in relentlessly and the days are definitely getting warmer. This is the year we embrace the sea, we don’t have a pool cover, so there will be no topping up of the pool because of water restrictions… unless it is naturally filled up with rain water!!!


Lovely Links from This Week

  1. Yes I am thinking about gift ideas and These cloaks… on Time to Craft… my kids would die for!!!
  2. If you are thinking about Advent Calendars… here is some inspiration: Krokatak’s Advent Calendars…
  3. A Calendar of Firsts… at Raising little Shoots.
  4. I absolutely love these Cardboard Portraits on the Artful Parent.
  5. I think we are going to have to make these… Woven Stars on Life Your Way…
  6. If you are looking for lovely leaf art and all that is Autumn, then look no further than Get Out with Kids!!!
  7. And if you need some Bookish Bullet Journal Inspiration… then here you go!!!


A Blast From the Past:

Brilliant Book of the Week

Johanna’s Christmas A Festive Colouring Book by Johanna Bamford, Published by Penguin Random House South Africa: It is definitely time to bring out the metallic pencil crayons. If like me you take a little while to get going with your Christmas plans… then this book is exactly the book you need to get you rolling. It has all the gilt and gingerbread, holly, trees and mittens, of the Christmas season… crisp pages that can be torn out and used for all sorts of projects. This is exactly what you need for an evening of Christmas Carols and cookies. Pages and pages of lovely detailed Christmas themes… as in all of Joanna’s Books there is something delightful to find as you colour your way through the book… there is a family of robins scattered throughout the book. The build up to Christmas is not called the crazy season for nothing, it may well be time to set up a colouring spot and have a few moments of calm in the day…


If you don’t follow Johanna Basford’s blog, or youtube channel with tons of colouring tips… then get there already. And if you would like a flip through her colouring book, or to download a colouring page from this book, then here is the link!!! I received a copy of this book from the Publishers, Penguin Random House South Africa, for review purposes. It is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are as usual, entirely my own.

That’s us… Hope you are all have a fabulous week!!!

4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #338”

  1. Oh Cheryl, I am so thrilled you posted these… they may well go onto the “gifts for siblings pile” my guys are really really going to love them!!!

  2. Our weather is much the same, though we’re in late autumn – no rain, no rain.

    Love the Advent calendar link, I’m always looking for something new along that front!

  3. Hay Christi, Thanks for stopping by, I have a few little advent plans up my sleeve that I have been thinking about and I will have ready to post in the last week of November!!! We have had a whole week of howling wind… so we are all a little bit “cabin fevered” and ready for a project!!!

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