Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #351

Well, welcome to the weekend folks, after weeks of busyness we have appeared to have calmed down to a storm. I have a heap of almost written posts in the wings, which is good news for you all next week. I am taking this weekend to just have some fun with my gang… Meanwhile waving hello from a sunny Cape Town… it is definitely beach season over here!!!


Building a Library Book by Book

Our Build a Library Book by Book Project took a bit of a pause as I battled to communicate with the school, but we are back on track and and I am finally getting shipping details to all of you who left us a comment. I am going to be blogging books most of next week in honour of our project. It is definitely not too late to join in… the more the merrier!!!


GiveAway Winners

We had a GiveAway a little while back for all your teens desperate to pass their Learner’s License… There is indeed an app for that, and it is packed with practise tests. Our kids passed with the greatest of ease after using the app…


And we have a handful of winners…


Congratulations to: Nita, Cassey, Julia, Wendy and Charise… look out for an email from us with all the details…
Thanks to the K53 Test-App creators from App Developers Studio for giving us the app to review, as well as a couple to giveaway. This was not a sponsored review, we were not paid to write it and our opinions were as usual, entirely our own.

Lovely Links from This Week

  1. If you don’t follow Sarah Mackenzie’s Read A Loud Revival Podcast then would you just already head straight over there and listen along and in the meantime, check out her current list of Audible Deals… it is a treasure trove. We have listened to Pride and Prejudice (in fact, anything narrated by Rosamund Pike is fabulous), The Jungle Book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (this is epic), The Swiss Family Robinson (loved it), and Treasure Island lately.
  2. If you have never hiked the Otter Trail before… then enter this fantastic competition. And if you don’t want to hike the Otter Trail then enter for us… magical!!!
  3. Don’t these look fun: Lego Challenge Cards…
  4. 10 Short Beginner Hikes in Cape Town… on SA-Venues…
  5. And this looks like a winner of a book from the Babyccinokids Mamas: 9 Months: A Month by Month guide to Pregnancy for the Family to Share…
  6. If you are looking for Easter Egg Inspiration… Look no further than Alisa Burke… I love her completely!!!
  7. And humour me but I have to just post my dream destination: St. Helena in the Valley of the Saints…
  8. I wonder if we could hike three local peaks in 24 hours? I love the idea of a Three Local Peaks Challenge on get Out With Kids…

A Blast From the Past:


Fill in a Survey and Win R500. TakeaLot Voucher

What do you know about UV protection? More specifically, what do you know about protecting your child from the damaging effects of UV? Complete this survey to help us understand your needs as a parent, and stand a chance to win a R500 voucher!


This Week’s Highlights

Reading: Absolutely everything I can about sleep… this is fascinating… where have I been and why did it take me so may years to realise that sleep is the key to feeling fabulous. So far so good with this one, the cover looks very serious and scientific, but it is really, really readable and I am galloping through the chapters… and making notes all the way.

Listening: Clearly I have been going to gym a lot, because I have almost finished Book 3 in this series this epic series and I am riveted. I just cannot remember how the series ends, so I will be onto Book 4 this week… the final!!! Loved it all the way!!!

Watching with the Kids: The Secret Life of Pets… pure pet fun… and laugh out loud cuteness…

Watching Myself: I got completely caught up in Big, Little Lies on Netflix, I found it unsettling and had to watch it all the way through to the end… I think I may have to start reading Liane Moriarty now!!!

And I am excited to be a part of this up and coming Book Tour: The Park, by South African Author, Gail Schimmel… follow along and look out for our author interview next Monday!!!

se7en-07-Apr-17-Blogger tour flyer - final 2-1.jpg

That’s us… Hope you are all have a fabulous week!!!


6 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #351”

  1. Hay Marcia, I have to say Netflix is a little bit magical for me, where are all those movies anyway?!! Not to mention I completely forget to watch screens… but every now and then my hubs puts something on and says watch this… most of the time he is spot on what will keep me watching!!! lots of love to all of you!!!

  2. Sorry I took so long to get back to you Cassey, you will have your voucher withing the day… all the holidays played havoc with getting some things done!!! Have a great week!!!

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