Se7en Escape the Clue Room with Seconds to Spare…

The season is changing over here and the schools are on break… which means that there are a heap of activities on all over town. Our gang got to visit the Clue Room, in Tyger Valley Centre, on Friday and for a solid hour we were locked in battle, trying to escape. The Clue Room is a real live game where players are given a mystery to uncover. Players enter a room, which is “dressed up” to look like a regular room. Inside the room there are a whole lot of clues to uncover, and a whole lot of clues to confuse you… but everything you need to solve the puzzle is right there for you to discover. All you need are your wits.


Clue Room is based on a popular escape game, where up to six people are placed in a room filled with clues and given a mystery to solve. Here are the gang eagerly awaiting their mystery… of course a lot of the items in the room are not actually clues and a lot of the clues are completely hidden from sight. There is a camera watching you figure things out and from time to time the masters of the mystery will drop you a hint… gotta say we needed a few!!!


There are two rooms to choose from: the Hospital Room, which is suitable for folk aged 5 and up… this is the mystery we solved; and the Living Room is suitable for 13 years and older. In our mystery… we had an hour to figure out what had happened to pop star, Maxi May.


In we went and searched and puzzled, rearranged and puzzled some more… working together was the way to go. Because of the time constraint we were constantly under pressure and it was interesting to see that we all dashed around trying to figure things out using our strengths… you definitely need all the players to solve the mystery.


And weren’t we just a little bit thrilled to get out with only 18 seconds to go…

se7en-03-Apr-17-clue LED-15.jpg

This is definitely something fun to do on a wintry day. And all the details are here… on the Tyger Valley Centre Website.

Thank you so much to Hippo Communications and TygerValley Centre for the invitation to the Clue Room, we had a fabulous time. This post is not a sponsored post, we were not paid to write it, and opinions expressed are as usual our own.

6 Replies to “Se7en Escape the Clue Room with Seconds to Spare…”

  1. Looks like you all had loads of fun. Lovely to see you in the photo. You’re looking fabulous! And I’m lovely new hairstyle, too.

  2. We have a facility similar to that nearby… the boys really want to do it. We’ll have to give it a go!

  3. Hay Christi, it was really quite tricky and we felt ourselves running out of time!!! Good fun for all ages… definitely worth grabbing some friends and having a go at it!!!

  4. It really was so much fun Cat… my kids loved every second of it. Who doesn’t like a good puzzle to solve!!! Hope you all had great holidays!!!

  5. Sue, how lovely to hear from you… and thank you … sending so much love back to you. I still think fondly back to that day that you visited us!!! Sending you lots of love!!!

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