Se7en + 1 Things to Do at the Into the Jungle Play Zone at Cape Gate…

And so begins the winter holiday season for school children in Cape Town… and we are going to be blogging about things to see and places to go. While we aren’t taking a break from school right now I always see the school holidays as a good time to take full advantage of all the fun activities for kids, that pop up around town. The first day of the holidays was decidedly wet and rainy and so we headed for the Cape Gate shopping centre to see the Into the Jungle Play Zone for kids…


Let’s start with the facts: From 10h00 till 18h00 each day, R60 per child (age 3-10) per day. There are a couple of activities to play along with… my kids tried everything, and there is something for everyone… arty, energetic, fact finder, or pure play.

Se7en + 1 Things to do at

Cape Gate’s Into the Jungle Play Zone


  1. For the Explorer at Heart: Each little visitor is supplied with an information sheet to fill in… and there are animals scattered throughout the area, with facts about them… when they return with their completed form they are rewarded with a sticker. Plenty of wildlife facts about Panda Bears, Tigers, Rhinoceros and Gorillas…
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  3. Colouring Corner, a Lego Table and Tablets: Some kids just want home away from home and they have been catered for… there is LEGO, and colouring and a quiet spot for your children to warm up to their surroundings before they get going on their conservation adventure. There are also a couple of tablets available for kids to play with, filled with wild life counting, spelling, reading games.
  4. se7en-02-Jul-17-431837744_5720246475834943234-20 se7en-02-Jul-17-429734009_4192850906090525427-10.jpg

  5. There is 3D-Art: Glue gun Magic that turns into 3-D art to take home… and my kids loved this. It wasn’t as easy as it looks and took a little while for them to figure out how to “drive” the pens, but once they got it there was no looking back… they loved this!!!


  6. VR Goggles: That’s virtual reality for those who don’t know. An Explorer’s Dream Experience. These goggles can transport you straight into a wildlife experience, look around and find your self in the middle of a three dimensional experience. Take a wander through the dessert, the grasslands, the jungle and the tundra.


  7. A Photo Wall: Dressing up available… because some kids, yes that’s mine, love dressing up. And all the animal masks you might need for a wildlife photo opportunity.
  8. se7en-02-Jul-17-430513741_10290068788123111421-24.jpg

  9. Friendly Wild Beasts: Because everybody needs to hug a wild beast from time to time.
  10. se7en-02-Jul-17-430526198_14606955407290861839-33

  11. And a Snack Bar: With fruit juice, crisps and sweeties available.
  12. se7en-02-Jul-17-431816539_3833704282964381920-10.jpg

  13. And of Course a Jumping Castle of Grand Proportions: When it is cold and rainy outside this is hands down my kids favourite way to warm and burn off their energy… quite happy to jump and play for hours on end.

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Cape Gate

Thank you to Cape Gate Centre for providing us with tickets for the event, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are as usual entirely our own.

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