The Many Weeks That Were Post…

We unexpectedly went away, and even more unexpectedly didn’t have internet… I know, horrors, but after the initial shock, it was lovely. Meanwhile, we didn’t go far, just a mini break. We did a house swap with friends in the city and absolutely loved it. We had such fun exploring our city… we literally walked it flat… but before I dive in and blog a series of posts about how great the City of Cape Town is I thought I would do a little bit of a catch up… with where we are and what we are at.


For those of you that are new to our blog we used to publish a weekly post called “The Week That Was… ” and do a little catch up… times change and weeks can become months… but the weather tree remains the same… a leaf for every day of the year. Green leaves represent sunny days and blue leaves represent days with rain. You have to know that we are in the heart of a drought and some of those 19 blue leaves represent days with less than one mm of rain… just the heady excitement of the slightest precipitation means that a leaf gets coloured in blue.


While we were away I realised that our blogaversary had quietly passed us by, nine years of blogging and no pomp and ceremony to celebrate it all… it just sneaked past! And talking of blogaversarys… last year for our deeply significant “se7en+1″th celebration I actually took a photograph but never got round to posting it… you know one of those clever re-enactment photographs.


Can I hear a collective… my how they have grown, sigh!!! Because they have grown… we all have. In fact Hood #8 wasn’t even in the first photograph that we ever posted on our blog, it was before his time.

Otherwise, this was my year of getting things done… and I got off to such good start, a project a week and we were rolling along… until I started gym… I knew it was the “Year of Getting Things Done…” I was just thinking you know a massive house sort and you know, maintenance projects of one kind or another… little did I know that I would be getting a whole lot done… and I was the maintenance project. So not blogging so much, and even less is happening around the house… because well, I am a homeschool mom with eight kids, when on earth would I find the time to blog. And then I added getting up and out the door at 5:30 for gym everyday, into the mix and suddenly … I couldn’t blog all night as I had done before… So it is the year of big changes around here, as I find my feet… literally (in the gym) and well time wise… as I rearrange our days to try and fit blogging into it.

Clearly my love of all things to do with blogging hasn’t waned at all… but neither has my love of spending time with my kids. I have to say I absolutely love getting to gym, because it helps me to do more of the things that I love doing… like hiking in the great outdoors and going on adventures, so much better than I ever could before. I am not going to even say how life changing it has been to get that rascal, SLEEP, under some sort of control. I am a whole new person, not because I stopped coffee (mostly), or because I work out 6 days a week, or because I lost some kilos… but because I sleep. All night, every night. May I suggest that you try it… it is life changing.

Otherwise, we have a new about page… it was high time… and if you want to scroll down through the years of cuteness… then here is the link. I am also working on a new media page, in fact a whole new look… but everything takes so much longer to put together than I thought it would. I am learning patience… you know when you want everything done now and then it all takes time… meanwhile since the last Week That Was Post we have been…


Arting as usual…


Exploring as usual…


Feasting as usual…


Wondering at nature…


We stood united…


Playing, as one does…


Pets… on cold wintry mornings…


School has been happening…


And book reports…


In fact the weather has been so fine that for weeks school was outside under an African sky…


Haven’t seen any whales this whale season yet… we are watching away…


Some wild storms…


Whatever the weather… birthdays rolled around and ice cream continues to be the answer to all celebrations…

Otherwise… Lego and laundry as usual…

Se7en’s Book of the Week

Creaturepedia by Adrienne Barmen: This book we discovered while we were wandering through the library… and it is absolutely stunning, any fact lover anywhere will absolutely love it!!! It is the best animal almanac ever. Illustrated throughout with brilliant and funny captions. this is a thought provoking book that will be loved by everyone who is young at heart. It is not a scientific book about animals, but rather a thought provoking and funny look at the world of animals. Sometimes grouping unusual animals together, sometimes sharing the funniest facts… this book demands a slightly wacky sense of humour, we have all enjoyed it thoroughly!!!

Se7en’s Artwork of the Week


We painted a school for Madiba Day… it was such a fun project and it will have to get a post of its own.

Se7en’s Game of the Week

We picked this game up on holiday and it has instantly become a family favourite… we all totally love it and play it continuously!!! This is a game, that firstly looks beautiful and secondly has easy enough rules for anyone to understand. The game requires you to stack the wooden marbles and last person to stack the top marble the a winner. Really anyone can play it, it is a came of logic and just a little cunning, often the youngest players have these skills!!!

The Gallery








13 Replies to “The Many Weeks That Were Post…”

  1. What fun adventures you’ve all been having… and how I love following along! Love to see your adventures and faces popping up in my feed! xo

  2. Wow…. how they have all grown!!

    Happy blog anniversary!!! 9 years is a long time..
    Well done on getting things done!! Isn’t it amazing how little things make a big difference

  3. Congratulations on 9 years of blogging!! We bumped into 2 of your kids at the aquarium yesterday, and they were so enthusiastic, informative and articulate when showing us things under the microscope!

  4. Oh Carin, thank you so much for stopping by… hope you have the most fantastic week!!! Lots of love right back!!!

  5. Hay MrsFF, who knew I would be blogging nine years later!!! Sending you and your sweet gal lots of love!!!

  6. Hay Cassey, how are you doing? And yes… where did all that cuteness go!!! They grow up really fast, these kids!!! Sending you tons of love, hope that ankle is getting better.

  7. Hay Marcia, just look at them… time flies when you are all having fun!!! Sending you love and so glad you got to have a great holiday!!!

  8. You are too sweet, thank you Christi… for all the millions and millions of encouraging comments you leave over here… I really can’t thank you enough for your support!!! Hope you have a wonderful week…

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