Se7en Visits The Fantastic Grifizzi Brother’s Circus….

So we haven’t been on holiday for the longest time, in fact I can’t think when last… when friends who live in the city centre asked us if we wanted to do a house swap we were all for it!!! What could be better, apart from the alarmingly slow internet… we are having a fabulous time and I have lots of lovely blog posts to post when we get back home.


The Fantastic Grifizzi Brother’s Circus is in Town

There is one post that needs to go up immediately and that is the post about our visit to The Fantastic Grifizzi Brother’s Circus last weekend. If you have an ounce of circus blood in you then you have to go… find a way. Not to mention, they may have been right there in our town, but they will be touring South Africa and you need to watch their site for updates on where they are… this post has to go up timeously because they will only be in our town for the month of July, before they move on… you have to check their website for performance times.

The Circus Atmosphere

You do need to get there a little earlier than the start time, to absorb the circus atmosphere… not to mention grab some candy floss before the the event. There are also lots of delicious eateries available… food trucks filled with delights abound.




The Story

This circus has a story, which pulls all the parts of the performance together, as the players in the circus try to help a forlorn little moon back to its happy place in the sky… its sweet and turns the collection of individual performances into a cohesive story…


The Circus Animals

This circus prides itself in having no animals to mention… this is a great perk for us and why our kids have never been to a circus before… they do however have two delightful animals… one fun of tricks and the other full of skills.

The trickster kickster Zebra

And the flexible frog

The Clown…

Would you look at that face!!!


And the Strongman…




The Drama…


The Trapeze…



The Wonder…


The All-Join In After Party…



Honestly we loved it, in a word… “Delightful.” If your kids haven’t been to the circus before then this could be the one… the circus is small, the storyline sweet, the performances fantastic and best of all there are absolutely no animals in the cast.


Huge thank you to The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers for the circus tickets for our kids in exchange for an honest review. opinions expressed are as usual our own.
And we will see you on the other side of our holiday…

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