Se7en Brings You All you Need to Know About Feasting at Fancourt…

I knew that a weekend away to Fancourt would include a weekend of feasting… what I didn’t realise was the level of feasting. Unprecedented. Fancourt food goes way beyond your expectations of resort food, they have divided up their service between a variety of fine restaurants. Each restaurant has entirely their own character and vibe, not to mention a team of kitchen staff that are only satisfied when they are doing their best. A variety of restaurants is a great way for folk who are visiting over an extended period, to eat out every night, without ever leaving the resort and never get tired of the menu or the location.

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A Visit to the Kitchen

A quick visit to the kitchens on a Saturday night, where they had a large wedding party to serve, the team from our media weekend were having a banqueting evening and a number of guests, golfers, families and so on. One would expect a certain amount of chaos, but there was none of that. Careful planning is key, and a lot of planning clearly goes into providing guests with the best local foodies have to offer. We also got to take a peak at the exclusive Henry White’s, which is undergoing a complete revamp before the summer season.


Because the kitchens serve a number of guests and eateries, they are in somewhat of a labyrinth beneath the establishment. Ancient greek mythology and the island of Crete spring to mind. I have to say that they pride themselves in catering for every single guest’s hearts desire and so a central kitchen and careful planning are key.

They are situated in the heart of the Garden Route and so have easy access to a vast array of fresh and locally grown ingredients. It helps to know that your food hasn’t flown half way around the world to get to you. Also, to improve their service they have an onsight bakery and butchery. Really, they do… fresh food delivered to your table.

The Club Bar and Lounge

On arrival, we were directed straight to the Club Bar and Lounge, for a light lunch of snackable foods.


We also ended our banqueting evening there, with out of this world desserts… really…

Really… if you are ever there…

Then head straight for the milk tart in a jar option…

Because “sublime” is the word!!!

Monet’s Restaurant and Deli

On our first evening we headed to Monet’s Restaurant and Deli for a braai, which for our overseas friends, is a barbecue. A Braai is always a good way to mingle and meet new people. And I just have to say that Fancourt brings a touch of finesse to every meal… and this level table setting was indeed for a braai.


The thing is that every person visiting has their own idea of what should be served at a braai and to be honest they had that covered too. There was something for everyone…

Meat and seafood…

Breads, salad and vegetables…

Potjies and pap…

Followed buy the prettiest deserts… cheese cake and chocolate mousse…

La Catina

We spent the better part of our weekend of feasting at La Cantina, we went there for breakfasts and our banquet evening. To be honest when I walked past these pizzas on the Saturday evening, I did for a moment wish I could spend the evening in my very comfortable room with a take-out and the book I had brought along to read…


Let’s talk about our banqueting evening…

You could have stopped me at the first course…

Where we were introduced to the salumist… and the most amazing array of cured meats…

I didn’t actually photograph the main… good conversation and good food meant total distraction, which is a good thing!!!

Meanwhile Breakfast at La Cantina


A fine breakfast happens to be my favourite meal ever and my goodness this was a fine breakfast!!!

Fresh fruit and yogurt…

And everything hot…


And Everything Else…

Snacks at the Poolside Café…


And little bedtime surprises… that totally blew me away… like I said, service!!!

Fancourt, the Garden Route

This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to write it and opinions expressed are my own. That being said, Lesley Simpson Communications did invite me to the media weekend and together with Fancourt South Africa provided me with a weekend away.

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