Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #355 And a GiveAway…

It’s a new week… and time for a fabulous fun post…


And… I have a mountain of review books on my desk… so I will definitely be blogging the latest and greatest reads in almost every category that you can think of, between now and the end of the month… Meanwhile, here is…

A GiveAway… that you have to send on…

It is World Post Day… and a while back we received this book in the mail all the way from Istanbul. The book, called Book, is on a journey around the world… and it is way past time for us to post it on.

So in celebration of post day leave a comment and tell us where in the world you are… You have to be quick… this is a 24 hour (from when we publish) turn around give away. We will pop all the names, from instagram and over here, into a hat and pick a winner, hopefully in an exotic place, to send book on.

It is a beautiful book, a piece of art really, all about how the book became a book and how books have changed through time, beautiful poetry, quotes and artwork as you wander through the pages. All written from the perspective of the book… Anyway, the idea is that you leave a comment and tell us where you are and we gather the comments together and pick a winner… the winner will get the book, read it and enjoy it and then send it on it’s way to a new and exotic location. Don’t forget to leave a comment… and tell us where you are!!!

Lovely Links from This Week

  1. If you are looking for great books… then look no further than Brightly, awesome site packed with fabulous real live recommendations.
  2. Style and Shenanigans took a trip to China with her son… and her posts: 33 Awesome Things to Do in China and China: What to Pack and Other Things… should have every body wanting to take a trip!!!
  3. Love these beautiful sailboats that float on MerMagblog…
  4. 5 Reasons why Outside is the Best Side!!! on Imagine Childhood… Actually I love everything on Imagine Childhood, have you seen 5 Reasons to love Fairies.
  5. Because I so love Nature Notebooks on Raising Little Shoots, and have you met Scratchpad Journal?
  6. Best Homeschool Post ALL YEAR… and it’s October folks… by Kara S. Anderson: Getting Back on Track: Finding Your Rhythm.
  7. And for Pretty Inspiration from Design Sponge…
  8. So many friends have been asking me about podcasts lately… here is the post for you… 10 Homeschooling Podcasts on Simple Homeschooling. I assume absolutely every book lover everywhere that wants to install a love of books in the next generation is listening to the Read A Loud Revival… but if you homeschool and you haven’t listened to Homeschooling in the North Woods, I have been enjoying that one.
  9. The Shorter Your Sleep the Shorter Your Life in the Guardian. Just saying…

A Blast From the Past:


Coming Soon: Museum Night at the VandA Waterfront

We are so looking forward to this on the 25 October 2017… diarise it and look out for it… we loved the previous Museum night, check it out here…


Book of the Week

This book is quirky, suggests mindful missions and kindness adventures… it even inspired a Kindness Club in our house. I love it… I thought it would be a little tame… but you have to step inside this beautifully created and illustrated book. And for all the folk that ask me, “How do you teach your children to be kind?” This is the book… totally not twee, but full of really practical kindness ideas. Suggestions on: How to be the best guest ever; recruit your younger siblings into your kindness adventures; make a welcome home banner on an ordinary day; offer to was someone’s car (I know two grannies that would love their car to be vacuumed); and so on… Go and look at the website: 366 Days of Kindness that the author, Bernadette Russel.

That’s us… hope you have the most fabulous week!!!


4 Replies to “Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #355 And a GiveAway…”

  1. We’re in Capetown too so not exactly “far flung”, but I’d love to be the recipient of Book.

  2. Oooo I don’t think Mosbach, Germany counts as very exotic but I do love the idea of a travelling book and helping books to travel.
    Have you heard of BookCrossing?

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