Se7en Joins Dinos Alive AR at the Cape Gate Centre…

Following a week of end of year functions, we slid into the school holidays… and all the activities that describe Cape Town as one of the top spots for for summer holidays revved into gear. We were invited to the Dinos Alive AR Expo at the Cape Gate Shopping Centre.


My kids had a blast at this event and as usual they were given an exceptional evening by the folk at Cape Gate Shopping Centre. They knew they were going to encounter dinosaurs… they were not expecting goodie bags packed with treats!!! And yes, they knew they would have all the screen time in the world, because that is the best way to have fun and meet dinosaurs “in real life…”


If you need to encounter dinosaurs on a grand scale then you have come to the right place…

se7en-05-Dec-17-tempImageForSave (1)-38.jpg

Augmented Reality (AR), It is a Thing!!!

Photograph credit to Cape Gate Centre

From Big Screen… to medium screen…


What can I say, kids of today are made of stronger stuff than we were, if a dinosaur had come flying down a tunnel towards me when I was a kid I would have had a heart failure, and they love it and cry out for more!!!


Just pop up screen on and you are literally good to go.

Plenty of helpful guidance for anyone who needed it…

And clearly it was interesting!!!

And on to Headsets

Photo credit to Cape Gate Centre

This is what they came for… a complete immersion into the world of dinosaurs and they were suitably wowed…

se7en-05-Dec-17-IMG_9171-19.jpg se7en-05-Dec-17-IMG_9177-21.jpg se7en-05-Dec-17-IMG_9160-17.jpg se7en-05-Dec-17-IMG_9134-13.jpg se7en-05-Dec-17-IMG_9135-14.jpg

Apart from that there was 3-D dinosaur art to create, as well as excavations…

se7en-06-Dec-17-tempImageForSave (12)-40.jpg

And for the little ones… colouring.


And Catering…

The catering team sure had a lot of fun putting this dinosaur themed event together. All sorts of dinosaur bites to eat, and totally winning was the pic’nmix candy bar…


With every imaginable treat to try…

se7en-05-Dec-17-tempImageForSave (10)-39.jpg

All the cuteness…


I think we might need dinosaur cookie cutters after this event, how cute are the dino-cookies…


And a popcorn and milkshake bar… fun times!!!


The Dinos Alive Facts…

For the duration of the summer school holidays, the Dinos Alive AR Exhibition will be at Cape Gate Centre. You can buy your tickets at the door or at web tickets. Your kids will happily spend a morning or an afternoon there, there is lots for them to do, as well as a small store full of dinosaur goodies to buy, for your young dinosaur lover.

Dinos Alive AR

Thank you so much, Cape Gate Centre for a wonderful evening. This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to write it, though we were given tickets to the event for review purposes. Opinions expressed are as usual entirely our own.

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