A Fabulous Fun Post… #363

It has been a while since we had a Fabulous Fun Post… so sending you all some wonderful links from around the Webisphere… Otherwise we are waving hello from beautiful sunny Cape Town… the season is definitely changing… crisp mornings and evenings but glorious days that linger on and on!!!


Event of the Week

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I am so looking forward to this: A Women’s Wellness Workshop at the Sport Science Institute of South Africa. The first in a series of three workshops for women… honestly, I can’t wait.

Lovely Links

  1. Babyccinos has a lovely series of fabulous Picture Book Artists tell us their Top Ten Favourite Children’s Books: Have a look at Bruce Ingman and would you just look at Alan Ahlberg’s Top Ten…
  2. Oh Sonlight, why did you!!! New History of Science Curriculum. And it all looks so lovely!!! After carefully making sure we had a full library they have added a little bit of irresistible to their library.
  3. This is right up there with totally magical… The Imagination Tree and Two Ingredient Unicorn Dough.
  4. I cannot get enough of Handmade Charlotte and her Ghana Inspired Doll collection… in fact her entire round the world collection, everything to love.
  5. Food for thought… and for anyone that has ever waitressed anywhere: I’m a Female Chef. Here’s how my restaurant dealt with harassment from customers… in the Washington Post.I might have posted this one before but it is so incredible I am posting it again…
  6. A sneak peek into beautiful picture book: Shackleton’s Journey by William Grill.
  7. I can’t resist post that inspire play: Childhood 101 on 7 Essentials for Creating an Outdoor Play Area Kids Will Adore.
  8. I love the sketchbook projects of Jennie Maizels, we interviewed her here… And she has recently launched her sketchbook classes online, take a look at her video and be inspired.

A Blast From the Past:


Book/Movie of the Week

We are having a little Beatrix Potter Study over here…

First we went to see the new Peter Rabbit movie, and really enjoyed it, then we watched Miss Potter together and now we are brining a couple of these tiny books home from the library each week.

I have to say I thought they would be quite tricky to read and I have been yearning after the audible version of the Complete Collection for ages. Recently, we started taking a handful out of the library each week delightful and engaging stories are being read and throughly enjoyed by all of us. There is a reason these books are classical classics… they really are fun. Get some from the library and read them… they are sweet. Otherwise, we are so inspired by the beautiful illustrations… our nature notebooks are rocking it this year.

That’s us… hope you have the most fabulous week!!!


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