We really wanted to take a moment to wish all our followers a wonderful New Year and thank you for following our blog and taking the time to stop by and leave comments. In the world of blogging, I am so thrilled that our blog is merrily bubbling along, with our faithful followers and friends joining us on our journey… and so many new and inspiring folk who we have crossed paths with and who have joined our circle this year…

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Before we dash into 2019, we hope you had a great 2018… Turns out 2018 was indeed a busy year… busier than expected, but when each member of the family has their own unique dreams and goals for the year, then you had better be ready to just leap into action. As usual, the year flew by and before we leap into 2019, I am just taking a couple of days to savour the good, the better and the best from last year…

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We really hope you have the most fantastic year ahead, full of adventures and great opportunities. Somewhere along the way during this past year we became a running family… it was never my goal or intention… it just happened… step by step and little by little. I could have dreamed that we would ever be sporty… ever!!! But it turns out, it is not so much the goals you set or the habits that you write down that make big changes happen… it is a whole lot more about… the incremental steps that you actually make.

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As for the Hoods


Hood 1: Turned 21… how even!!! Finished up his first degree at college, for now and is going to be studying further and working in a local church next year. His Lego passion goes on, and with many younger siblings to admire his growing collection… he has more than a few passionate followers.


Hood 2: Spent the year interning at a local church and is heading into college next year… Meanwhile computers and all things IT continue to keep him on his toes, always eager to learn more and discover new hidden tech secrets, that lease mortals will never understand.

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Hood 3: Set out to learn how to scuba dive this year, a dream she worked hard for and pursued, and she did it. She has logged her volunteer and underwater hours and conquered it. She is in her final year of school this year… exciting times ahead for all of us.


Hood 4: Ran and ran all over the place… astonished us with a podium finish at a very popular race, and hope he continues to love and enjoy his athletics… meanwhile while school happened on the side, and really it did, the first child to finish an entire year of sonlight within an actual school year ever. Meanwhile, he didn’t stop drawing the entire year… from Art history to mandalas, he loved it.


Hood 5: Discovered the world of online learning, it was extremely hard for him and he did it. Otherwise hiking and the great outdoors, making friends and cycling consumed his year… the biggest surprise of all… we have a kid who loves puzzles. Never saw that one coming, but the more difficult the better… a genuine skill that not a lot of people have the patience for.

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Hood 6: Our child who is not afraid to try anything… anything and everything. Always experimenting, always creating and always trying new concoctions. Launched into the kitchen with enthusiasm and is conquering her way through Jamie Oliver recipes to our delight. However, arts and crafts are really her thing and I think it is going to be a fantastic year of more of the same: creating and making and finding her calling.


Hood 7: Our writer of books, has become more than a little prolific, filling journal after journal with beautifully illustrated stories. I love her work, and can’t wait to see where her writing journey takes her. Meanwhile, in the quest to conquer Parkruns, she is way ahead of the family… more Parkruns under her belt than any of us and is destined to earn her black t-shirt (100 runs) in the very near future. A small champion runner in the making!!!


Hood 8: Discovered his own reading this year, he realized that if you are reading quietly in bed that I won’t come and turn out the light… and has read and read copious amounts of books because of this. As long as his older siblings say, “Have you read this, it is fantastic?” He will dive in a read it… from a dipper into books at the start of the year, to consuming great big fat chapter books, we have managed to grow another ver happy, go lucky reader. Not to mention all round fun loving, play any game, always ready for a run, a hike… actually anything… Mr Enthusiastic. It’s going to be a fun year because of him!!!

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4 Replies to “The Year That Was… 2018…”

  1. Just can’t believe that your second son is about to start college, and your girl on her last year!! actually so is mine.
    and love the recaps of what the kids directions have taken this year, scuba diving! and lots of running 🙂
    May 2019 be a fantastic year for all

  2. Hay Erin, How lovely to hear from you. I can’t believe how they have all grown up so fast… while I have been focusing on lingering and “take your time” moments… my kids have been growing and growing!!! Wishing you all the best year ever, right back at you…

  3. Marcia, Thank you so much for all the lovely comments. I so enjoy these posts and looking back. And this girl can run and run and run… loves it!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

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