Finally, the holidays are here and Cape Town kids are craving an escape from desks and school and all the early mornings… I thought I would pop you a post on Se7en Things to do in Cape Town over the next couple of weeks. Somethings we have joined in already and somethings we will be joining in and I will write a bit more about them as we do them. Apart from the millions of things to do in Cape Town with Kids, that you can find on our A…Z pages at this link, there are lots of events on for kids, in Cape Town, these holidays:

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Things to do in Cape Town over the Holidays

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  1. Everybody Loves Movies: Wonder Park is here and we went to the launch at Canal Walk on Thursday night. We were thoroughly spoilt and my kids absolutely loved it. (Click on the link for more pictures from the event)… The story is about fabulously industrious little girl who creates an incredible Amusement Park with her mum… if that alone doesn’t inspire your kids to make and create… then her mum falls ill and heads off the scene to get better… our heroine is sad and decides to pack away her amazing creation… only to discover that her Park, Wonder Park is real… and only she can save it. Spoiler alert… she does save it of course, and her mum gets better and everyone lives happily for ever after. A fun feel good movie. Your kids can watch the Movie and Meet and Greet Boomer at Canal Walk.
  2. SPACE-at-Capegate-FAQs

  3. Space at Cape Gate: Cape Gate always has great events over the holidays and we will definitely be popping into their Space event for youngsters in the next week or two… it looks like a lot of fun and if you have any young and active astronauts in training or you would like to inspire your little stargazers then this is the place to go. There are rockets rides and wormholes, a laser zone and a fact filled planetarium. The details are on their website here.
  4. Florence and Watson at KAlk Bay Theatre

  5. FLorence and Watson at Kalk Bay Theatre: My kids adore the Florence and Watson Books, they are locally written and beautifully illustrated multi-language books that highlight some of our unique natural heritage. This play, from the book, is about The Pangolin that goes missing, yes there is a conservation message about the plight of the Pangolin, and it is all within a beautiful story set on Sugar Bush mountain and amongst dozens of local animals. I have a feeling that this 45 min theatre production, at the Kalk Bay Theatre would be a lovely introduction to theatre for little people.
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  7. The Two Oceans Aquarium: Is our absolute favourite go to spot for outings… best it is pricey, but you can totally spend an entire day in there. So if you get hit with some wild and stormy weather, as the Cape Town seasons change… then this is the place to go. They have extended hours over the holidays, and an absolutely packed programme of things to do, over and above their interactive and hands on displays… this place is the best for kids and their adults alike. Here’s a link to their programme details, but don’t worry too much about going for an event, so much as just going. Whenever you go, there will be something cool happening, be it feeding time, or craft time… And if you or your children are lucky enough to have a birthday over the holidays then you really need to read this: About all the Waterfront freebies on your birthday.
  8. Tom Ro Haven Holiday Programme

  9. Tom Ro Horse Haven: If you are looking for some outdoor fun in the South Peninsula… then I spotted this on instagram. We have spent hours visiting here and my kids absolutely love it… this would be a great thing to sign your kids up for. Visit their website for contact details.
  10. FunFoodLab

  11. Fun Food Lab at Willowbridge Shopping Center: Scientific fun in the Kitchen with Yuppie Chef and Split Second Science. Together they are hosting funky looking workshops for kids during the holidays… How to make: Fizzy Liquid Nitrogen Lemonade, Edible Soil Layers, Edible Candles and Mini Popcorn. It all sounds like good fun. Take a look at their website here, to see all the details.

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