The Fabulous Crafty Red Ted Art Blog has been hosting a month of Father’s Day Crafts… 31 days in fact… earlier this year we were part of Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Love, and today we are blogging some more craftiness over there, for Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Dad.

The one thing that I do rely on for our craftiness is that we use up materials that we have lying around at home… and our kids have become fairly inventive with their rummaging through the recycling. We get a lot of delivery boxes… a lot… and my kids use them for a million projects, today over on Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Dad… we demonstrate how to make your own charging station/desk organiser… Step by step instructions, including how to keep control of all those pesky cables, that modern devices require.

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Click on the link to take you to the blog post at Red Ted Art…

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