I have one or two blog posts still to come in our series on the Swellendam Winter School. Possibly the most important question about a holiday into the countryside is where and what to eat. It just so happens, that typically when you take a visit into the country you head straight for the very South African icon, Die Padstal (the roadside store), and feast up on traditional bites to eat… and then ride straight past the country towns so as you dash on to your destination, this would be a mistake when it comes to Swellendam. In fact, it would be a terrible error of judgement, to pass this country town by.


One of the most important things I learnt about my visit to Swellendam… this is a town that takes food seriously. Never pass by this little town again. There are a number of really good places to stop for a feast and I am going to tell you about the three that I visited…


Woodpecker Pizzadeli

Woodpecker Pizzadeli Restaurant is a pizza/pasta family friendly restaurant, right on the Main Road as you head into town. The service was super-friendly and they went the very extra mile to catering for a media team, with all sorts of obscure dietary requirements. EXTRA mile in every way and I have a feeling that they are champions of accommodating all sorts of folk, young and old and picky or not picky, which is always good to know.

tempImageForSave (43)-2

They put on a magnificent spread so that we could try all their tastes and flavours…
IMG_3874 IMG_3877

From pizza to pasta, this was not your regular menu… it is packed with all sorts of interesting tastes and flavours and general loveliness. Not to mention, vegetarian or vegan or even pescatarian, not a problem at all.

I have to mention the puttanesca sauce, it was absolutely next level. So much so that on many a cold winter evening since then I have thought of driving through to Swellendam specifically for that.

After that entire feast, the thing that really struck me was the family with small kids at the next table. Just a glance past our table of very grown up feasts and treats, they were tucking into some delicious looking bowls of regular Spaghetti Bolagnese. The sort of food children love eating, with no extra bells and whistles… it looked absolutely delicious and they were thrilled to have their bowl of pasta photographed. And their mum happily announced that they are regulars and they would never drive through Swellendam without stopping by. Good to know… since Swellendam is half way to so many places… stop next time!!!


Tredici – The Baker’s Dozen

On the second day of our visit in Swellendam we were treated to a sumptuous breakfast at Tredici – The Baker’s Dozen. This is the sort of place that you stop for coffee and end up eating breakfast, lunch and dinner… yes, the feasting is that good. I am never going through Swellendam with out stopping here for a coffee and a pastry, it just wouldn’t be a visit to Swellendam without it.


We didn’t actually stop for the delicious looking pastries… so I have to go back there… we had a buffet breakfast, which was a display of food worthy of their own cook book…

tempImageForSave (70)

Firstly, we were welcomed with my favourite breakfast: fresh fruit, yogurt and honey…


Followed by the most excellent buffet… and an opportunity to try so many flavours…
IMG_4271 IMG_4270 IMG_4269 IMG_4262 IMG_4261 IMG_4277

A huge selection of platters, cold meats, egg dishes, stuffed mushrooms, cheeses, bakes and flavours… and when last did you have haddock… what a treat!!!

The selection of coffees and presentation was superb, superb!!! And to top it all, when I ordered another coffee and we had ran out of time… it was transformed into a “coffee to go” in a flash!!!

We weren’t the only folk enjoying breakfast there. In the middle of the week and nowhere near school holidays, this eatery is clearly very popular with locals and travellers alike… busy, busy, busy… and just put this on your “If you are dashing through Swellendam, then at least stop here” list.


The Republic

Our last stop as we were leaving Swellendam was a visit to The Republic for Lunch. After a busy few days, we were all ready for a relaxing lunch under the oak trees.

As I understand, The Republic is a new restaurant, and already famous for their home-brewed gins.

Inside and out… it is prettiness…

And on a sunny day… ice-cold pretty drinks where a winner…
IMG_5137 IMG_5136

And then an array of beautiful platters emerged so that we could try all sorts of flavours from the menu…
IMG_5140 IMG_5145 IMG_5147 IMG_5148 IMG_5150 IMG_5152 IMG_5159

With all the beautiful flavours, I would highly recommend adding The Republic to your agenda, it is opposite the Drostdy Museum. So easy to find… and it is unlikely that you could pass through town without stopping here. If just for a beautiful drink… and the pumpkin fritters are “hmmmmm” divine!!!

Here is a quick look at the menu…


All The Restaurants that were part of the Media Week:


All the photographs from our visit to The Woodpecker Pizzadeli Restaurant can be found by clicking the image below.
Woodpecker Restaurant

All the photographs from our visit to Tredici – The Baker’s Dozen Restaurant can be found by clicking the image below.


All the photographs from our visit to The Republic can be found by clicking the image below.

The Republic

The Swellendam Winter School Series

I would really like to thank the Swellendam Winter School and the Winter School Community for hosting myself and the media team for a wonderful couple of days. This is not a sponsored post, and the opinions expressed are as usual entirely my own.

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  1. Oh yum!!!!! All that goodness. Good thing I’m reading this close to midnight as I might have been tempted to make a pasta dish just so I don’t salivate all over this post!!! What a yummy post. And the drinks …. wow

  2. MrsFF, the feasting was totally, totally next level… if you ever find yourself passing past Swellendam, then make sure that you at least stop and eat… it will be totally, totally worth it. And not a good post to read when you are feeling even slightly peckish!!!

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