One of the best moments of the whole trip to Swellendam was our visit to the Zinc Gallery in Suurbraak. Suurbraak is a small village, just a short drive from Swellendam, with a really interesting and uniques history. Up on the hill looking down over the countryside is the Zinc Gallery… A local talent has created an art gallery with a view…




Meet The Artist: Donovan Julius


Donovan welcomed us into his home and gallery and told us about his roots and his Khoisan heritage…


His family and his art…


And he spoke about the Art Course, called !Xairu Culture Connect that he will be teaching for the Swellendam Winter School. It sounds like a fantastically immersive experience where art and culture will meet and grow you in ways you might never have expected.


Let’s Meet the Art…


His art is a colourful collection of his culture and his heritage…



We Enjoyed a Feast And Made New Friends


We enjoyed a home cooked feast…


And I took this photo in the hopes that my boys create an oven just like this is in our yard.


And what a feast we shared together…


Friends Were Made…


Connections were made…

Conversations were had…

And fond memories were made…


All the photographs from our visit to The Zink Gallery can be found by clicking the image below.
The Zinc Gallery

The Swellendam Winter School Series

I would really like to thank the Swellendam Winter School and the Winter School Community for hosting myself and the media team for a wonderful couple of days. This is not a sponsored post, and the opinions expressed are as usual entirely my own.

2 Replies to “Se7en Visits the Zinc Gallery in Suurbraak, Swellendam”

  1. Wow!! Such a rich experience. Those art works super wow!!! And of course the connections made are always the best part.

    Ps: hope the kids are already crafting their home made oven

  2. Thank you Mrs FF, It was an incredible experience and one that folk wouldn’t naturally seek out unless they knew about it. A perfect inter-cultural experience… unbeatable!!! And my lads are on the hunt for a drum – It could happen!!! Meanwhile, have a great week!!!

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