When the going gets tough, the tough get off the internet and take a break. There was a time when I couldn’t imagine not blogging, but we needed a week, and then a week more, and then another week off. But we are still here and we are back… July has sneaked past us, and so did eleven years of blogging… not to mention we have another teenager in the house. Hood number 6 leapt into thirteen with her typical finesse and style.

Hood 6_1

Thrilled to celebrate this tree hugger…
Whitagram-Image (2)

This colourful gal…
Hood 6_27

Our animal lover…
Hood 6_24

And fashionista…
Hood 6_23

Always exploring…
Hood 6_21

And there is not enough glitter in the world…
Hood 6_22

I am not going to say anything about hairdos…
Hood 6_17

The most fabulous middle sister…
Hood 6_13

And the best hugger in the world…
Hood 6_16

Happy, happy beautiful birthday…
Hood 6_10

Previous Brilliant Birthdays:

And Hood 6 turns eleven.Hood 6

se7en-02-Jul-18-tempImageForSave 11

Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 10 in 2016

se7en-24-Mar-17-IMG_2085 (1)-3.jpg

Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 9 in 2015

se7en - 240216 - 0255.jpg

Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 8 in 2014

se7en-02-Jul-18-tempImageForSave 4 2

Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 7 in 2013

se7en - 200614 - 0523.jpg
Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 6 in 2012

Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 5 in 2011


Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 4 in 2010


Happy Birthday to Hood #6, 3 in 2009

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