While we can think of nothing better than a quiet day at home, I live in a house with a collection of kids that really want to go go all the time. They have energy and loads of it, that want to be out and about and doing things… so I thought I would post a list of things to do out and about in Cape Town….

1. Museum Night

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Museum Night is on the last Thursday in June and it is fantastic… we have been to several museum nights and they can be as pricy or as low budget as you choose them to be. Often we have an early supper and then head into the Waterfront and visit museums that are open and free on the night. You have to read the primary and secondary programmes carefully, to see which museums are free, which have a reduced price on the night and which museums are open.

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  • 2. The City SightSeeing Bus and Table Mountain Cable Car

    Wintertime is the best time for taking advantage of living in this beautiful city… a lot of our outings are priced for overseas visitors, but over the winter holidays… you have to make every effort to take advantage of the winter specials…
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    3. Free Walking Tours


    In association with the City SightSeeing Company, Cape Town has a series of free walking tours. You do give your tour guide a tip at the end of your tour, but otherwise… they are absolutely free and fascinating, these tours will teach you more about your city than you could ever imagine. We made a day of it… the tours are completely child friendly, they walk at the pace of the slowest participant… remember they are catering for relaxed tourists, looking for a historical wander… so certainly for school age kids this is a great way to be a tourist in your own town. There are three different tours that you can take daily in the city centre, and one tour that you can take at the Waterfront.

    4. Kirstenbosch and the Great Outdoors


    Kirstenbosch is free for scholars during the school holidays… there is so much to do there, just wandering around can take all day. The gardens are the most magical place to explore and honestly should be one of the seven wonders of the world… there is a program of activities at the visitors centre, but honestly you can pass that by and head straight for the gardens, where there are tons of places to explore. And should the weather turn and you find yourself there in the rain… you can always seek shelter in the Conservatory. If you feel like a splurge outing then grab a copy of the Find 50 Struik Nature Guide in the Bookshop and go on a treasure hunt.


    5. The Two Oceans Aquarium


    This is a pricey option, but totally worth it. You can make use of your ticket for the entire day, they really up the anti during the school holidays, with so many things to do and see, there are crafts for the little people as well as puppet shows… and if you are going then make every effort to slot into at least one of their feed-time shows, they really are worth it. There is something for every age and stage to enjoy here. And just saying: Tickets are half price on Museum Night.

    6. The Little Mermaid at Canal Walk


    My youngest three were invited to the opening evening of The Little Mermaid at Canal Walk. And they loved it… definitely a show for the younger set to enjoy, it is an hour long, the show is enchanting and the puppetry fantastic. If you want your little ones to enjoy a show over the holidays, then this one comes highly recommended.

    7. The Ice Slides at Cape Gate

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    If you are in the Northern Suburbs, Cape Gate Center always has something fun on and we were invited to try out their Ice Slides last weekend. These are great energy burners… an hour of not stop running up ramps and flying down the other side… exciting times indeed. Your kids will love it and they will be tired afterwards… so cash well spent.

    8. Other Places of Interest

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  • If the weather isn’t great then head for the Science Center, they always have a great holiday programme that you can slot into on any day.
  • Otherwise this is the perfect time of year for a visit to Cape Point, where there are dozens of hikes, for every level of hiker, to explore.
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