In our previous post I mentioned a number of books that we are looking forward to from Pam Macmillan South Africa this year. I thought it was time for a little series on books that we have been reading from them just lately. The best place to begin would be with picture books, because let’s be honest in this season when we are stuck at home, our little folk need the comfort of story time and picture books more than ever.


I am not an Elephant by Karl Newson and Ross Collins

This is the story of a mouse, a feisty little mouse, whose quick thinking responses seem to get him into all sorts of scrapes. He claims he is not an elephant, or a sme-elephant. This is a bed time romp through the animal kingdom, if ever there was one… and not just your regular animals either. In his effort to convince a chameleon, a porcupine and a howler monkey, that he doesn’t parp (because he is not an elephant).


He may, in error, announce that he is small, round and tasty… a momentary lapse that he quickly regrets. Meanwhile, he comes up with countless other loud and humorous reasons why he is not an elephant, because he is actually a “spoiler alert: rhymes with snore!!!”

This book will have to have a sequel, we have to find out how he escape’s his final announcement… fun times and little people will love the bright and interesting illustrations… all-together great.


The Go-Away Bird by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Catherine Rayner

This is Julia Donaldson on point. You will not be disappointed by this beautifully illustrated rhyming story about The Go-Away Bird. Believe it or not, the Go-Away Bird is a very real bird, found on the plains of Africa, and named after it’s call.

In this story a series of birds come to visit the Go-Away Bird, bright and beautiful birds come over to play and invite the Go-Away Bird to play… but the Go-Away Bird is not very friendly. Until, the Get-You Bird comes over… and suddenly it seems like a VERY good idea to have a group of friends.

This is a story of friendship, sticking up for one another, even when you are feeling grumpy and want to be all alone. It is pure fun and the illustrations are inspiring, it does quite make you want to create a troop of colourful birds to come over and play. I have to mention that the illustrator, Catherine Rayner, is one of our favourites, she illustrated the book Augustus and his Smile, and we have a blog post or two about that one.

We would really like to thank PanMacmillan South Africa for the copies of these books that we received for review purposes. This post is not sponsored in any way and the opinions expressed are as usual our own.

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