Se7en Baked a 100 Dresses And Met Up With Augustus…

Recently, Playing by the book had a fantastic competition on her blog, and it was all about creating an edible book. Honestly I don’t think we had made too many book inspired meals and it took us ages to agree on just the perfect book!!!

We entered as a family were able to create two entries so we made a sweet and a savory. I will say it again, the trickiest part of the project was really selecting the books – how do you choose a favorite when so many folks favorite books are available to choose from!!!

Well we just cannot love this book enough!!! So went looking for Augusts’ smile, we have blogged about it before and I am sure we will do it again!!!

Where do tigers come from – the deep dark jungles of India… the land of curry and colors and spices… So we began by creating a colorful palette…

We had yellow rice and black wild rice, we had a sea green cucumber raita and red tomato and onion atcha, orange mangos and yellow bananas, we had white coconut rainbows and green bay and coriander leaves…


We did indeed have an edible artists palette. And we were ready to begin…

Augustus went wandering through the desert of yellow rice, through a jungle of bay leaves, over the mountains of black wild rice and across the sea of raita, all under a golden sky of mango. Then we popped on our curry tiger and gave him stripes of olive slivers… we put some beautiful atcha flowers into the jungle trees…

DSC_0678 DSC_0679 DSC_0681 DSC_0682 DSC_0683 DSC_0684DSC_0685

And we didn’t forget the coconut rain…

Or his banana footprints that he left as he crossed the desert…

Turned out to be a favorable feast indeed!!!

Enjoyed by everyone!!!

Once we had conquered a savory book we went on to something a just a bit sweeter… We baked The Hundred Dresses…

We baked basic cookies…


We rolled, we cut, we trimmed…

We even added food coloring into the cookie mixture when we realized just how many dresses we would need to ice!!!

The baking alone turned out to be an epic project!!! And we have a whole new respect for Wanda Petronski… who drew and colored 100 dresses in the book. The next day we began icing…

And icing and icing…

And then…

We had…

One hundred…


What a treat!!!

A heap of cookies and a heap of fun!!!

Thanks Playing but the Book for a wonderful project, I have always – ALWAYS _ wanted to do a 100 dresses project, so this was the perfect chance!!! We just can’t stop thinking about edible books now, the ideas are flowing and I am making a list… If you can think of an edible book that we might like to try then leave us a comment… Otherwise, pop over and visit Playing by the Book to see the amazing books that were entered!!!

34 Replies to “Se7en Baked a 100 Dresses And Met Up With Augustus…”

  1. Oh Se7en! this post even more than any other has made me wish I could pop round to your house and join you and your kids with mine to eat and chat and read together ! Both your entries were very special and I wish I could have given you a prize, because they were both very prize worthy. But seeing the great time you had, and the creativity the festival inspired I know that it was all worth it. THANKYOU for taking part 🙂

  2. Karen M. Thank you for commenting… we had such a lot of fun… edible books are the way to go. I think you may be seeing more of them in the future!!! Hope your ave a great week!!!

  3. Hello my friend from All Things Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for stopping by!!! It was a very fun project, I am so thrilled we were able to take part!!!

  4. Oh Zoe!!! What a special comment, I think I may just print it out!!! We would love if you were to pop over, that would be brilliant and possible very quiet… little heads reading, reading, reading!!! It was a superb competition to be part of and I am so thrilled that you liked our entries!!! Have a fantastic day!!!

  5. Oh my!! You are sooo cool, I LOVE both your food activities, but the 100 dresses are just soooo cute. Wow. You were busy!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa

  6. Hi Maggy… So glad you liked our 100 dresses – we had such fun creating them… and lots of fun eating them too… actually we had to share them with a heap of friends!!! Hope you have a great week!!!

  7. HOW creative!!!! The tiger picture is brilliant, and the hoods must have just LOVED scoffing those pretty dresses.

    seriously creative – I love it x

  8. Hi Kelly, So glad you liked our project so much!!! Thank you so much for the invitation, of course we will pop over and link up… Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  9. Fantastic. I bet it was fun to make, but I can’t help thinking how wonderful it would be to have this arrive on your table. Your dress biscuits are fabulous! I couldn’t help thinking that it is a lot of biscuits to eat and then I remembered how many there are of you and all your visitors. Did they last a day?

  10. Hi Cheryl, I know one of my kids said: “Wouldn’t it be fun to go out for dinner and a tiger arrived on the table!!!” And even for us that was an enormous number of cookies, ten cookies each!!! We took them to church and shared them with the kids there!!! Hope you guys are getting some spring shine!!!

  11. Hay Sara, So glad you liked them!!! And wishing you and your family well over the holiday… Have a great week!!!

  12. Hay Rachel R. Thank you so much for stopping by!!! 100 dresses is indeed one of this books that needs to be read!!! Just beautiful!!! Hope you have a fabulous day!!!

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