We typically blog a lot about family friendly happenings in and around Cape Town, only not has been happening for the last while. After being house bound for months we were delighted to be invited to a show, especially a show that came to our house. It is the season of online living and my kids were thrilled to be able to watch The College of Magic perform their show, Imagine, from the comfort of our lounge.

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Introducing the College of Magic

The College of Magic is a community based non-profit-organisation (NPO) that takes interested and curious children from all areas of greater Cape Town and trains them in the art of performance and magic tricks, all the while encouraging them to learn leadership skills and take on responsibility for themselves and their fellow performers. For the last forty years they have been inspiring youngsters to train hard, perform well and master skills they could only have dreamed of. They rely on public funding to stay afloat and to support their enthusiastic students, who would not otherwise be able to pay for their own tuition, a large apart of their funding would be from shows that they put on… only this is the year of Covid 19, and there have been no shows. These very capable students need our help and encouragement.

The Show Must Go On

They have created an online show for all of us.

You can click on the trailer for the show here.

If you are missing getting out and about then this is definitely the way forward. Wherever you are in the world you can enjoy the show, buy a streaming ticket from Quicket, and your family can spend an evening watching together.

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During the wintry weather of the past week we spent the evening watching the show. It is almost an hour long, suitable for young and old, there will be lots of ooooh and aaaah moments. The kids from college put on a great performance, performing tricks and sleight of hand with the finesse of seasoned performers.
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The acts include the usual stars from a magic show: disappearing, reappearing, juggling feats and loads of surprises for the audience.
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A Magical GiveAway

For our local (Cape Town) followers we have a lovely giveaway…


We have four streaming tickets to giveaway, and a magical starter kit will be delivered to your door, to inspire your young magically inspired kids to try their hand at performing. This is a fantastic opportunity… for a family adventure, that you can share with your kids right at home.

How to Enter

If you are a Cape Town based family and would like a chance to win then leave a comment below… telling us about a fun activity you have enjoyed during lockdown. Entries close at the end of play on the 15 of July, and winners will be announced on the 16 of July… YES, You Have to Be Quick!!!

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Thank you so much to the College of Magic for gifting us with a streaming ticket to watch the show, we thoroughly enjoyed it. This is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are, as usual, our own.

4 Replies to “Se7en Introduces the College of Magic… And it is a Super Quick Magical GiveAway…”

  1. I’ve got back onto my bicycle after 10 years, and we’ve all enjoyed riding around the neighbourhood as a family!

  2. We’ve been adopting the friendly neighbourhood peacock family (and a flock of francolins). They now spend the day patrolling our garden, then peer into our house or chirp loudly on the walkway when they are hungry!
    Besides feeding birds, we’ve been painting, chatting with family in Durban on WhatsApp, baking, cooking, learning to cut hair from YouTube, sewing puppets, planting butternut seedlings and basil cuttings, raking leaves and playing cards.

  3. Hay Kim, That sounds fantastic… I would love to get back on a bicycle. I have to say we have never explored our neighborhood so thoroughly before. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. Oh Belinda V, you have been busy… I love the sound of your new visitors, sounds like your days are busy and fun. All the best and thanks so much for stopping by.

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