We adore non-fiction books and we have been reading through piles of them lately, these are some of the best non-fiction books for kids right now, from Penguin Random House South Africa.


Fabulous Fact Books For Kids


Biggest, Fastest, Tallest… …And Many More Record-Breaking Extremes

by Darren Stobbart and Kasia Serafin

Let’s just begin by saying it is an Usborne book, so brilliant. It is a collection of facts of the fast and furious kind… many of them will be utterly useless to you in your everyday life… unless of course you are a collector of fascinating facts, or on a winning streak at Trivial Pursuit. If Quiz Night ever becomes something folk gather together for again then this really is the book for you. It is packed, absolutely packed with incredible and amazing facts.


More than that, it is full of facts, and then hidden flaps, hiding even more facts from your initial first glance… this is a book packed with depth, three-dimensional depth and will keep the young at heart, adults and children alike, busy for hours. For example: Do you know what the largest reptile is? (It also has the strongest animal bite). Or How wide the paws of a polar bear are? Do you know how high the highest recorded wave is? Did you know that the longest river in the world is longer than the width of the United States?

One of the best features of Usborne books is their Quicklinks page, with fascinating links relating to every page in their books. You can visit the Quicklinks for this book, right here.

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What a Waste

by Jess French

This is the perfect book to be reading with my kids during #plasticfreejuly It is the great read for fact loving young environmentalists, and eco-warriors. Each double-page spread very clearly describes a concept or a word relating to the environment. The pages are full of bright and engaging photographs with blocks of information and snippets of interesting facts, just enough for the curious kid… it is one of those books that leaves the young reader with many, “Did you know….?” moments.
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From pollution to conservation, from deforestation to the problem with plastic. The book creates a platform for you to talk about environmental issues with your children, questions are raised, such as “Where does your garbage go?” How to reduce your waste and turn your trash into treasure.
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This is a fantastic introductory reference book to help kids understand, when conversations around them turn to environmental issues, what folk are talking about. Let’s be honest a book on the environment that we live in could be quite negative, but the DK team present the facts in a straightforward way and there are loads of positive ideas for making a change, and they suggest plenty of ideas for young readers to make a real and positive impact on the world around them.

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Find and Colour Dinosaurs/Farm/Jungle/Ocean

illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy and Mike Garton

These books are fantastic, the sort of activity book that all young and young at heart folk would enjoy. A pile of coloured pencils or crayons and these books would keep anybody happy for hours. Each book has a theme and on each page, along with a lovely, busy page to colour in… there are also things to find, a simple fact or two, and an engaging question. Also at the end of each book there is a page of thematic crafts that would turn this book into a great unit study for little kids. There are things to find on every page and the pictures are absolutely packed with things to look at and colour. These books will be perfect accompaniments for listening to audible books and podcasts. Fabulous, and self-contained… activity books that my younger kids wanted to dive in and get busy with straight away.

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All these books were given to us for review purposes by Penguin Random House South Africa and Struik Nature. This is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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