Birthday Season has come to an end… ten birthdays a year is quite a thing… Ten birthdays through a pandemic has been interesting. Raising our family celebration game and celebrating our gang as they each grow up, by one more year!!!

Happy Brilliant Birthday

se7en-03-Oct-20-Whitagram-Image 37

To this mad nutter, who has run the dog up and down the mountain every day throughout lockdown… whatever the weather!!!


He works hard…


He rests even better…

se7en-08-Mar-20-Whitagram-Image 7

This is the lad, who surprised us all and entered the Argus Cycle Tour…


And took himself off and did all the training and finished up well on race day…

se7en-09-Oct-20-Whitagram-Image 12

Happy to be anyone’s running partner on any day…

se7en-02-Oct-20-Whitagram-Image 6-2

A great big brother…

se7en-09-Oct-20-Whitagram-Image 18

Just a great brother…


Did I say… great brother!!!

Always, always busy in the kitchen…


In fact, always busy… he loves a project, no matter what it is!!!


An all round mad hat and great sport!!!


Hope 16 is a spectacular year for you…

Happy Happy Brilliant Birthday to our Celebrity Chef and Hood 5




The Celebrity Chef’s Recipe Collection.

And that’s a wrap for birthday season 2019!!!

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