I have really had to up my snack game around here lately… I can’t be the only one whose kids have become snack inhalers during lockdown and now that the great outdoors is once again available to us and pocket snacks are once again a thing… We are looking forward to a summer of hiking and being out on the trails. We have been trying these little jars of magic from Forever Fresh Foods, which is a local company that produces jars of flavour packed and colourful powders, created by freeze drying local ingredients.


I have to be honest, I am a little skeptical of anything processed, so I checked out the process of freeze drying and was pleasantly surprised to discover that that means that absolutely no additives are necessary and all the nutrients are contained within the final product. When a jar says that it is contains carrot powder… it really is powdered and freeze dried carrots and that is all… nothing added and nothing taken away. The flavours are surprisingly tasty… fantastic in fact. And we have been sprinkling and dipping away… brilliant in muffins, sprinkled on omlettes… not to mention beautiful.


Otherwise, the egg powder was an absolutely perfect solution, for when the mother person totally forgot to buy eggs, and it was time for our lockdown treat of waffles.

se7en-27-Nov-20-Whitagram-Image 7

The fruity powders are intense in the best kind of way… I thought a tiny jar of powder would be gone in a flash, but it doesn’t take a lot to enhance a meal. The lemon powder is packed with zesty flavour and perfect on a yogurt breakfast, perfect for lemon cookies and wonderful on top of a lemon cake. The strawberry powder was just as good… in fact everyone’s favourite!!!

se7en-27-Nov-20-Whitagram-Image 6

The vegi-flavours we used on cream cheese toast, and delicious on top of muffins and scrambled eggs, and risotto… in fact an endless list of adding that ZING to a meal, without having to grow your own crops first!

se7en-27-Nov-20-Whitagram-Image 8

Meanwhile, Forever Fresh also produce dehydrated fruit and vegetables… perfecting for pocket snacks on a hike and my goodness, the strawberries were a smashing and impressive addition to ice cream and meringues…
se7en-27-Nov-20-Whitagram-Image 3

We added the dehydrated mushrooms to a quick pasta dish… these mushrooms are so rich and tasty, they turned a somewhat ordinary dinner into a feast. And my kids have been asking for them ever since.

se7en-27-Nov-20-Whitagram-Image 4

Little flavour bombs… they are the real thing, look out for these guys… we loved them. You can find Forever Fresh Foods online over here, and on instagram over here… (They have a fantastic competition on instagram right now, closing on the 7 December 2020).



This is not a sponsored post at all, just sharing a product that we have enjoyed!!!

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