Visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium has been the best of times and “even the better than the best of times” for our family. The Two Oceans Aquarium has been our go to outing for this ocean loving family for the past twenty five years, even before we had kids it was our place to go. They are open every single day, even and this is one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets, on Christmas Day… don’t tell me how I know that!!!

Our kids have grown up from toddlers to volunteers through their fantastic science education program, not only do they serve and protect our ocean but they educate and encourage young enthusiasts to do the same…
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The Aquarium Foundation and the Pro Crew.

This year there have been a lot of changes at the Aquarium, not least that they had to take their learning online, they had to reinvent themselves… their hands on classroom based learning has become a load of brilliant online courses. And kudos to them for adapting so quickly and keeping the aquarium up and running during this strange year we have had. We recently won #Plasticfreejuly competition with prizes from several funders: @captain_fanplastic @thebeachco_op @aquariumfoundation @picknpaypeoplenplanet @petco_sa @picknpayschoolclub @twygmag @vandawaterfront @sealandgear Our prize included a month’s membership of the Aquarium Foundation’s new look online learning: PRO Crew.

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A monthly subscription entitles you to their online videos… don’t think Blue Planet, or National Geographic… think extremely experienced hands on teachers, very familiar with our coastline… and fun, fun, fun. They visit beaches our children are very familiar with, they show us sea-life that we are familiar with. Fun facts and effortless learning. The videos are fun, and good viewing for curious ocean lovers and quite the best feature of the videos that we watched, for us, was the Xhosa lesson at the end, where you learn a couple of ocean related words in our local language.
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Otherwise, you receive a load of printable to download, related to the video lesson, and we have a pile of turtle printables to colour and learn about. And now we have a wall of turtle art to enjoy as well…

Captain Fanplastic

Along with our #PlasticFreeJuly winnings from the Two Oceans Aquarium, we were gifted with a copy of Captain Fanplastic’s Legend, a beautiful picture book about the plastic problem. Captain Fanplastic is an organisation that reaches out to local schools and teaches youngsters about plastic pollution and how we can make real changes in our lives that will have a lasting positive effect on our environment.
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The Legend of Captain Fanplastic

This is the story of a fabulous pirate, Captain Fanplastic and his sidekick, a turtle called Fin. Together they have a sweet and environmentally educational adventure. They encounter a whale who isn’t feeling well and the they help Wanda the whale to get better, by removing all the plastic from her tummy. Their next rescue mission involves a seagull, whose wing is trapped with plastic fishing line.
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And for all the good that the two heroes do, their ship is wrecked on a plastic island… but they put their heads together and re-use the plastic to create a new pirate ship. It is a sweet story, loads to learn in it about the plastic pollution, in a positive and informative way for picture book lovers.

You can meet Captain Fanplastic on his website here. And you can visit the Aquarium Foundation and find out about their Pro Crew subscriptions over here.

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