This is a teeny tiny little segment and on our original plan we intended to go from Signal Hill to the start of Kloof Corner on our first day… but incredible heat, and we were caught off guard, and Lion’s Head has somewhat traumatic memories for some of us… Not to mention that we were at the very earliest stages of the challenge and so we were full of nerves… Could we or could we not achieve this?


Learning lessons from our very first day of 13 Peaks, when we headed out in weather that was way too hot, and quite honestly we should have stayed at home… we decided then and there that if ever there was a short snippet of the route that we could do, along a road or up and down a peak… then that would be the way to go… anything to make the extremely long hikes shorter!!!


We literally took an evening amble, hoping to get a peak at the route we were planning for the next day… only to discover that it was a lovely cool and misty evening and we could not actually see the top of Table Mountain, or the route we were planning to take.


Starting from where we finished our first hike, we walked along the road… until we got to the start of the Kloof Corner Hike…


It wasn’t exactly flat, but it was so very short… and to be honest hard to imagine that previously it was just too far for us…


While the mountain was literally hiding from us…


It is always good to look down on the city from there…


Because of curfew, and the fact that we could only get going from six the next morning, and we knew the next section would be our longest and definitely a full day… we specially stayed in the city overnight.


We really didn’t want to make the same mistake we had made before… and only leave home after six, drive to the city and get onto the mountain later in the day when things would already be starting to heat up.
se7en-15-Jan-21-Whitagram-Image 12

We had been watching the weather really carefully and have in fact become somewhat obsessive about the weather during this challenge… because we never want to get caught in that heat again.

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13 Peaks: Segment 3 Vida Truck to Kloof Corner

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