So the season is changing, the days are definitely getting shorter and there is a fresh bite to the early morning swims. The thing is… while the summer is ending a new season is beginning, with cooler days that are perfect for exploring and adventures…


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Just thought I would mention that Struik Nature has a new website and has a Massive Sale this weekend.


Field Guide to Fynbos Fauna

by Cliff and Suretha Dorse

At last!!! There is a book about all the wildlife found in within the Fynbos plant kingdom. I am thrilled about this one… years of exploring and hiking and finally we have a book to tell us about the animals that we find while wandering through the Cape Point Nature Reserve. There are four main sections: Frogs, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals… this book is its own adventure.

This book is a much needed guide for hikers in the Cape Peninsula. We have hiked the South Peninsula high and low and with this guide in our backpack we may have to hike it all again. The introduction includes an overview of the animals of the Fynbos region and highlights specific threats and conservation goals. Each animal has its own family, genus, common and scientific name. There is a distribution map and full colour photographs, a detailed description and its conservation status.

There is magic in the fynbos that we have not encountered yet, from dragons to “thick knees,” there is something for everyone. This is a much needed book, pop it into your backpack for the upcoming adventure season.


Ericas of the Fynbos

by John Manning and Nick Helme

Another great discovery when you are walking through the fynbos is the proliferation of ericas. I have always wanted to know more about them and this is just the book. Ericas are heaths that form one of the components of Cape fynbos. You can be forgiven on a crisp misty morning, as you hike along Cape mountain paths, for thinking you have been transported out of the hot Cape rocky zone into a magical world of heaths. And to have a beautiful identification guide in hand as you hike, is just a wonderful thing.


Ericas are easily recognisable by their delicate bell shaped flowers, bright miniature lanterns to guide your way. But the most remarkable thing about Ericas is the enormous variety and diversity of the flowers, almost 700 species in the Cape floral kingdom, so an identification guide is a very useful tool to have at hand.


The introduction to the book is particularly interesting. The parts of the Erica, how to identify Ericas, where to find them and the most interesting look at the preferred pollinators of each species: from birds to mice, beetles and insects, it all makes for such interesting reading. The book is divided into five species: sunbird heaths, vase heaths, small-flower heaths, stoppered heaths and minor heaths… and colour coded for quick identification.

Each Erica has a beautiful colour photograph, the region it is found in as well as the flowering months for the year, and a detailed description and diagnostic features: form, leaves, flowers, anthers and style, as well as their conservation status. If you are fascinated by Cape Fynbos or a collector of local field guides then Ericas of the Fynbos is definitely one to add to your collection.


Pocket Guide: Tracks and Tracking in Southern Africa

by Louis Liebenberg

A new and revised edition to this wonderful series of little guides… A concise pocket edition for tracking and trailing. There is a great guide to trailing in the introduction, not just footprints, but look at the skat, and certainly look for other signsof life as you wander through the veld.


The introduction is followed by a good collection of all kinds of animals that can be found in Southern Africa. Each animal has a distribution map, the animal spoor, a full colour photograph and a short description and interesting facts about each animal. There are a lot of interesting facts packed into this little book. It is great to pop into your pocket on a hike and great to read a few amazing facts when you stop on mountain path for a snack, as well.


Kirstenbosch A Visitors Guide

This is a lovely full colour, glossy keepsake. Every informative pamphlet on Kirstenbosch has been condensed into this wonderful collectable. It has the most stunning colour photographs on every page. Each spread has a different topic: for example on the history, to different areas of the garden, maps for exploring, special landmarks, what to expect from season to season and a spread on the incredible animals found in the gardens.

This book is invaluable for planning a visit to Kirstenbosch and a wonderful memento.

These books were given to us for review purposes by Struik Nature. This is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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