We went snorkelling with the I AM Water Foundation and it was fantastic!!!


I AM Water

After many years of supporting various ocean organisations, and particularly the I Am Water Foundation, I really wanted to create a connection with the team I was supporting.


This year we had a wonderful collaboration between the Cape Town Swim team and the coaches from the I AM Water foundation. A couple of weeks ago we got together for an ocean-confidence-swimming workshop, and we had so much fun. And then this past week we got together again for a snorkeling experience.


We started with a chat, and getting to know the coaches a bit better…


We had a some warm up exercises and breathing practice…


Then we were all kitted up and ready to go…


And as soon as we had gotten the hang of the gear…


In we went…


And for the first time for most of us swimmers, we slowed down and had a look at the magic in the kelp forest, that we usually swim over…


It was an incredible experience. We got to see so many creatures… and our knowledgeable ocean guides answered so many questions.


Followed by a round table and cookies!!! And a chat about the wonderful experience we had all had…


Another wonderful day out with the I AM Water team… I feel so privileged to be able to support this team. There are two more days left on my #SummerofSwimming Campaign. If you would like to support this incredible crew… then click on the link below:

I AM Water

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