This stack of fresh new picture books will inspire you to snuggle up with a little person and read away. From sweet stories to factual facts books, there is something for everyone in this book stack.


The first book is a five star read and definitely one of my favourite science books for little people. It is followed by the most beautiful wander throught the countryside, and a glorious picture book classic in the making.


Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairy Tales

written by Catherine Cawthorne

illustrated by Sarah Ogilvie

You think you might know the story of The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Hansel and Gretal, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Princess and the Pea and Little Red Riding Hood, but do you know the science behind these stories? Could the Big Bad Wolf actually blow down your house? I am not sure about his huff and puff, but did you know that Grey Whales can blow air out of their blowholes at 720km an hour. Each story has a fascinating scientific question added onto it, like: Could Cinderella really wear a pair of glass slippers? Could you really make a gingerbread house big enough to live in, and wouldn’t it get soggy in the rain? The stories are fun, the illustrations are wild and busy. Each story is a double page spread, followed by a spread of science that any enquiring mind would love to know more about. This is perfect bedtime reading for fact loving fairy tale fanatics… the facts are amazing, the fairy tales fabulous. This book is going on my favourite books of the year pile, it is a keeper.


A Horse Called Now

Written by Ruth Doyle

Illustrated by Alexandra Finkeldey

Oh my word, if you are looking for the perfect giftable picture book, then this is it… It is a beautiful and gentle story about a lovely huge grey farm horse, called Now. On each spread a new group of countryside animals come over to tell Now what is worrying them, and Now is strong, stable, sure a reassuring, every time. In the midst of a Spring storm, she leads all the animals to shelter, where the discover the things that they have been most afraid of are really not so scary at all… everything about this book is gentle and reassuring… in the thousands of books out about feelings and mindfulness… this one stands out.. the illustrations are gorgeous, and the message endearing and kind. This is just the most lovely picture book ever. And it has sweet little feature, on the inside cover is a QR code, for the read-a-loud version.


When Elephants Listen With Their Feet

written by Emmanuelle Grundmann

illustrated by Clémence Dupont

This is a picture book for the very curious amongst us and would be the perfect reader for youngsters who love facts and also perfect for middle grade readers who love bight size snippets of information. This books at the incredible senses of animals, that go way beyond the human experience. The five senses as we know them: sight, hearing and so on, but also sensing vibrations, magneto-reception, electroreception and other amazing abilities. Imagine the echidna that has an electro sensor in its delicate nose, that can detect termites to eat. Even foxes use the sense of the earth’s magnetic field when they go mousing. What about the Sailfin Lizard that can run on water. Nature and the animal world is full of incredible surprises and this book brings so many of these fun facts to life. This is a fascinating book for fact lovers.


Do you Love Pets?

Written and illustrated by Matt Robertson

Oh animal lovers everywhere, of all ages, are going to love this one… it is a glorious celebration of pets of all kinds, from all over the world… amazing facts about reptiles and rodents, cats and dogs, birds and bugs… every kind of pet, from tiny to huge, just amazing. I love the enthusiastic vibe of this book… pets are great, all sorts of pets…


Little Turtles Book of the Blue

Written and Illustrated by Yuval Zommer

Oh if you haven’t discovered Yuval Zommer’s illustrations then you are in for a delightful experience. Yuval Zommer is famous is for his stunning nature illustrations… nature from the most interesting perspective and a delight for curious minds of all ages. In Little Turtles book of the Blue we are taken on a terrific tour of the underwater world. Glorious Onomatopoeia on every page… flip-flap flying fish, and snap snap sharks… and tappity tap crabs… Glorious illustrations, double page spreads filled with wonderful underwater creatures to look at. This is a board book and so even the youngest ocean lover can enjoy the chunky feel and stunning illustrations… great addition to any young nature lover’s library.


One Love

Based on the Song by Bob Marley

Adapted by Cedella Marley

illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton

Delightful, happy, joyful… great for a grab and read… anywhere, anytime, massive mood uplifter… happy memories for the parent reading this story, while creating happy memories with the little person being read to. In this story the children in the neighbourhood get together and uplift a park, from cleaning up to planting new plants, the get everyone to join in and it is just a lovely community vibe. This story is inspirational, and the book is a colourful and joyful delight from start to finish…


The Thunk

Written by Michelle Robinson

Illustrated by Deborah Allwright

What is a Thunk? You may well ask!!! Hector Voltaire is a youngster who believes that he will find a Thunk… the whole town teases him, but he is determined. He packs his pack with so many things: toast forks and barrels of root beer, kegs of ketchup and more… and he heads off on his quest to find a Thunk. It is quite an adventure… and Hector discovers more than the was looking for, Hector finds a friend. This is a lovely comforting book and an enchanting bedtime story.


These books were given to us for review purposes by Jonathan Ball Publishers. This is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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