We have just celebrated World Ocean’s Day and there is a stunning new local book out an it is all about the wild and wonderful ocean in Cape Town. A book about the wonderful wildlife found in False Bay.


Sandi and the Salty Sea Dogs

False Bay Adventure

By Monique Fallows

Illustrations by David ‘Ed’ Edwards


This is the story of three adorable dogs that live in False Bay, in Cape Town: Sandi, Brownie and Lucy. The author works in ecotourism and they started to take their dogs with them to work… and the rest, as they say is history. Lot’s of lovely stories, lots of lovely photographs and generally just an interesting ride as the adorable pups go on one amazing adventure after another.


This book is all about the escapades that the dogs go on, with their owners. In each chapter you learn about a new sea creature that can be found in False Bay, from penguins to great white sharks.


There are so many interesting things to learn about, including the super powers of all the main animals involved:

  • African Penguin
  • Cape Gannet
  • Common Dolphin
  • Sardine and Anchovy
  • Bryde’s Whale
  • Brown Skua


It is a fantastic story, rich in facts for fact lovers and wonderful narrative that winds its way over waves and underwater. It is a delightful tale, with amazing full colour photographs and bright and zesty illustrations. If you don’t know your “port” from your “starboard,” then this is the book for you… the facts are presented in a very relaxed way and even the adult reader in this book will learn a lot, if this is the bed-time story of choice.


There are QR codes with video links throughout the book so that can see what you are reading about in action.  If you have never seen Cape Gannets or a mega pod of dolphins in action, then this is the book for you… click on the links and prepare to be blown away!!! You can follow the Salty Sea Dogs on instagram here, and they have a really lovely website, as well.


Sandi and the Salty Seadogs are a wonderful team of pups, I think they are going to become firm favourites for local nature loving kids, especially those who are passionate about marine life and anything to do with the ocean. This book is extremely giftable, and would make a stunning memento, for visitors to take home and remember their visit to the shores of Southern Africa, especially False Bay.

This book was given to us for review purposes by Penguin Random House South Africa and Lapa Publishers. This is not a sponsored post and opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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