Se7en’s Valentines

Well it is that time of year to be making Valentines and where would we be if Hood #3 hadn’t made a bunch of hearts for us…



Here you go: Se7en Teeny Tiny Hearts…

  1. Quick dry clay hearts: We shaped these with quick drying clay and as soon as they were dry they were painted with acrylics and strung up!!! It is easier to string up almost anything with thin wire than with string… little hands can thread it more easily and it just doesn’t make knots.
  2. DSC_0221

  3. Teeny Tiny NoteBook Hearts: Take the smallest post-it-note pack you can find. cut out a piece of card twice the size of your post-it-note and fold the card… Glue the last post-it-note onto the back cover and decorate the front… with a little heart of course!!!
  4. DSC_0267DSC_0200

  5. Teeny Tiny Beady Hearts: Thread some tiny beads onto thin wire. Make a tear drop shape of beads. Twist the left over wire together and bend it upwards. Kink the tear shape to form a heart shape. These are my favorites!!!
  6. DSC_0271

  7. Teeny Tiny Stamped Hearts: Finally I have children old enough to use my carving tools and with an eraser and the carving tools they can make stamps all day long!!!
  8. DSC_0239DSC_0246

  9. Teeny Tiny Fabric Fairy Hearts: Make a little pile of fabric hearts all with slightly different sizes, stitch around the top of the hearts. Add a button and use a sharpie marker to make a face. You can add a wand by threading beads onto some wire or a toothpick if you would like to. These make great pencil toppers or finger puppets.
  10. DSC_0264

  11. Teeny Tiny Puzzle Hearts: Glue a heart shaped picture from a magazine onto some card. Cut it up and you are good to go – Super quick!!!
  12. DSC_0258

  13. Oreo Hearts: Get the recipe from the Chronicle Books Blog – seriously get it!!! And then try not to eat all the mixture because it is totally to die for!!! We cut out round cookies for the Oreos and then just cut hearts from the rounds… very yummy!!!
  14. DSC_0287
    And the Se7en + 1th Heart…

  15. Teeny Tiny Paper Hearts: Save the easiest till last… I just left our paper collection drawer out and after a long quiet afternoon we had literally hundreds of collaged paper hearts… good for cards, good for bunting, good for decorating… and certainly good for Valentines!!!

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That’s it!!! Lots of lovely love to you all!!!

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