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Entries from August 2015

Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #287

August 31st, 2015 · 4 Comments

There is always that little tease of spring and then winter returns unashamedly. Well winter is full force right now. Despite that we managed a week of evening ambles and an extreme hike in the wild and crazy weather… everyone had sweaters on – it was that cold!!! Lovely Links from This Week I cannot […]

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Se7en Review: A Box of Rocks… Rock Collecting 101 for Kids…

August 29th, 2015 · 5 Comments

I know I don’t usually post a book review on a Friday night, but this so follows on from yesterday’s post: How to Turn a Collection into a Museum, that it actually has to go here… Our love for the great outdoors and certain folks’ predeliction for collecting meant that this book ticked all the […]

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Se7en’s 52 Week Challenge #4: How to Turn a Collection into a Museum

August 28th, 2015 · 11 Comments

Maybe you guys enjoy visiting a fabulous museum as much as we do… the more hands on and interactive the better. The things is, it is one thing to visit a museum and it is quite another to live in one. I often blog about decluttering and keeping surfaces clear, but what about all the […]

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Se7en + 1 Visit Fabric Creators Zana Products…

August 27th, 2015 · 6 Comments

For the all the world of crafty loveliness… you just can’t beat layers and layers of beautiful fabric. I have to confess I am not the best seamstress by any means, but I cannot resist fabric. So when I discovered the beautiful and funky fabric at Zana Products I was thrilled – because hello, not […]

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Saturday Spot: Se7en + 1 Take a Hike to Cape Point LightHouse…

August 25th, 2015 · 16 Comments

It has been a while since we have visited our favourite Nature Reserve, Cape Point. This Friday past turned out to be a glorious sunny day after what feels like endless weeks of rain… we grabbed the day with both hands and headed south for an easy hike. We Started off with a Lesson on […]

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Sunday Snippet: He Will Not Let Your Foot Slip…

August 24th, 2015 · 5 Comments

Our Bible Verse of the Week… Psalm 121: 3 He will not let your foot slip— he who watches over you will not slumber; Week by Week Week 1: When you pass through the waters… Isaiah 43:2 Week 2: The heavens declare… Psalm 19:1 Week 3: You have searched me Lord… Psalm 139: 1,2 Week […]

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Se7en’s Fabulous Fun Post #286

August 23rd, 2015 · 5 Comments

A week with a hike is always a good one… we managed a quick and easy hike after a couple of mid-wintry weeks that have felt a little like we haven’t been out in the fresh air nearly enough. We are making up for lost time and getting back into evening ambles as the days […]

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