Chocolate Brownies to Die For in se7en steps!

I got this recipe years ago from the first or second edition of Getaway Magazine… These brownies have been real relationship builders and I have made many friends through these chocolate delights… the best point about them is that they taste better and better after a day or two or even three which makes them great traveling companions. So they can me made way in advance – of course they never last!!!

Meet the Team:



100g flaked almonds;
200g dark chocolate, 100g butter, 10ml vanilla;
4 eggs, 1 cup soft brown sugar, 1 cup sticky brown sugar;
1 cup cake flour

Play the Game:

step 1: Take 100g flaked almonds.


Toss them into a baking tray.



Then place them into the oven as you preheat it to 160 degrees Celcius (that’s about 320 degrees Fahrenheit). By the time your oven is up to temperature your almonds should be nicely roasted and chewy.



step 2: Take 200g dark chocolate, 100g butter and 10ml vanilla essence.



You could caress them over a double boiler until they are melted together or, if like me you are in a rush, you can toss them together in a microwave dish.


Melt them together – about a minute and a half on high.


Stir until smooth.



step 3: You need 4 eggs, a cup of soft brown sugar and a cup of sticky brown sugar.


Put them into a mixer.


Beat them on high for about 4 to 5 minutes until they are three times the volume and pale.


step 4: Add 1 cup of regular (cake) flour into your beaten sugar mixture and mix some more…


step 5: Add your chocolate mix from step 2, hard I know, but let it go! It appears to vanish, thats because it is so good the mixture actually consumes it.


Beat it again. Then turf your roasted almonds into the mixture.


Beat one last time.


step 6: Place the whole mixture into the pan that you roasted the almonds in (less washing up!) and bake for 25 to 30 minutes.


step 7: Cool in the tray, after about 5 minutes (before they completely crisp up on the surface) cut them into squares.


Whatever size you think will suit the occasion – and leave to cool in the tray till you are ready to eat them… a day or two or three – ha ha ha ha – they will never ever last that long!

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