The Bible in 50 Words

The Bible in 50 words…

God made
Adam bit
Noah arked
Abraham split
Jacob fooled
Joseph ruled
Bush talked
Moses balked
Pharoah plagued
People walked
Sea divided
Tablets guided
Promise landed
Saul freaked
David peeked
Prophets warned
Jesus born
God walked
Love talked
Anger crucified
Hope died
Love rose
Spirit flamed
Word spread
God remained.


Last year I taught the kids in my Bible class, ranging from age 2 to 12, these fifty words (two lines a week)… I got it from the book Absolutely Everything, and taught a bunch of kids ranging from age 2 to 12. The nice thing was even the very shortest people were able to remember it and they now have the gist of the story of the Bible in their hearts. I have found that Bible classes, especially for young kids, teach lots of Bible stories and while the kids learn the stories they don’t always have an idea of where these stories fit into the big picture of the Bible… this book was great for the telling of The Big Picture… and I am sure I will blog more about it in the future.

4 Replies to “The Bible in 50 Words”

  1. I noticed that there are only 48 words. Is there something about Abraham missing? And is jacob and Joseph in the right order? Thanks…I’m doing a history timeline with my little guys and using this as there guide!

  2. Hi there A, you are quite right!!! Thanks for spotting the error, it was one of my earliest posts before I opened up to comments and clearly the error snuck in under the radar… I will fix it right away!!! Thanks so much!!!

  3. Wow! That was fast. Didn’t you just have a baby?! Where’s your superhero cape?! Thanks. By the way, my girl just turned Se7en. I followed your birthday tips and icing recipe! Smash hit. You can see pics on my blog. I am a se7en FAN!!! Praying for you and your family and that you get sleep, blessed sleep!

  4. Hi A, Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you had a fun celebration!!! Sleep is a bit desperate round here but then we have such a cute little guy to look at I think I can face the lack of it!!! Have a good weekend!

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