Cooking with Daisy… A Review…

We stopped by our favorite book store, Kalk Bay Books, one of the few local book stores that isn’t part of a massive chain of book stores and so it can offer: personal service, an interesting and remarkably wide selection. Lots of Classics and lots of the latest and greatest: potential classics. Not to mention that they have a gorgeous leather couch.

Anyway browsing a book store with se7en does raise its fair amount of challenges and can be quite hairy in a country that doesn’t seem to believe that children exist and if they do they must be monsters. Let me just say this book store is quite different and they talk to your children like they are people – you know actual people!!! So I grabbed the brightest book off the sale table and snuggled on the couch with the se7en little hoods for a read while the father person browsed.

Oh heaven’s, a cookbook and it was certainly bright… we had to buy it…


I have to say this book is perhaps the first ever cookbook that I have sat and read cover to cover, first on the couch, then in the car going home and then straight collapsed on the bed with se7en little ogglers and we read all the way through putting markers at every recipe we needed to try – helloooooo – every page. Not to mention writing a shopping list!

Turns out this book has a really tragic beginning, written as a tribute to Daisy, by her mum. Daisy was a little girl who died suddenly at 18 months old – all the royalties from the sale of the book go to The Isabel Medical Charity.

This a lovely lovely tribute! It is full of gorgeous photographs, each recipe has a little comment and a mention of who submitted it. As well as special friends there are some famous chefs smattering their recipes through the book. We planned to try se7en recipes and then review it!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! We over ran our quota somewhat and here are se7en of the results, each Hoods personal favorite:

Seriously Gooey Garlic Bread (Hood #1): Can we eat this at every single meal?

Smiley Oranges (Hood #2): These just look so happy!

Frozen Pea Soup (Hood #3): Two surprises, my kids never ever ate soup before this, but if I serve it in an expresso cup they eat it… and my kids will eat any soup if I chuck in a heap of frozen peas (only one pea lover!) and then blend it!

Toad in the Hole (Hood #4): Seriously loved by my kids…

Cheese and Tomato Puff Tart (Hood #5): Totally loved this and make it all the time, quick, super easy and looks so impressive!

Traditional Flapjack (Hood #6): We use these for breakfast now, when once or twice a week we have to get out quickly and eat breakfast on the fly. My kids love their bowl of porridge in a bar.

Fruity Chocolate Crispies (In honor of Hood #7): I had to have these. Actually, I used to make these when I was a kid for school bake sales, and then my friends and I would easily scoff way more than half on the way to school – who would notice a measly contribution of three and a half cookies – what were we thinking!!!

And the last recipe in the book – last but definitely not least Millionaire’s Shortbread. All the little Hoods had to try this, and lets just say – to die for, we had to do this on the sly, when the diabetic father person was out… a sure killer!!!

Try this book at your peril, it is totally splendid.

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  1. Sounds like lots of fun. Millionaire’s shortbread is super. I have a problem making it though as it requires condensed milk (or at least the recipes I know) and the only condensed milk I can get in UK is made by Nestle, who I boycott.

  2. Hay Zoe, See we have another thing in common!!! Our local supermarket sells their own brand of condensed milk, wonder if you can post a can over the ocean!!! Loved your week of cooking!!! Have a fun weekend!!!

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