Marvelous Milk Tart in Se7en Steps…

Milk Tart is a famous South African Dessert and this one is crustless, so you don’t have to worry with pastry. It is basically a baked egg custard dessert.

This is genuine comfort food and very versatile… you can have it cool or warm. You can whip it up in the oven an hour before guests arrive and no last minute hassle. You can even make it the night before. It is great if you are invited to a meal and have to take dessert… it serves many, depending on the greediness factor!

As with all my recipes – amounts of ingredients are a guide and a recipe is never the same twice- I hear the father person’s lament – he is a born measurer!!!

Meet the Players:

2 Tsp butter
1 cup white sugar
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 cup cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
4 cups milk

Play the Game:

Step One: Cream the butter and sugar together.

Step Two: Separate the eggs. Add the yolks to the creamed sugar butter and mix some more. (Keep the whites!) Then add the vanilla essence.

Step Three: Add the flour and baking powder to the mixture.

Step Four: Add the milk (slowly or you will spatter the whole house!!!)

Step Five: Stiffly beat the egg whites and add to the mixture.

Step Six: Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 50 min. It’s not one of those recipes that you stick the knife in and it comes out clean. It is usually a bit wobbly but sets as it cools… Sprinkle with cinnamon before you serve… Yum!

Step Se7en: Here is the brilliant thing about this recipe… you can bake/serve it in a large dish if you are catering for many… Or you can make it in two small dishes if you only have a few guests – whatever you serve will be eaten – and this way you can keep one dish back for breakfast!!! Yeah!!!

Hope you enjoy it!

4 Replies to “Marvelous Milk Tart in Se7en Steps…”

  1. We use your recipe all the time and it’s never failed us yet. It was a great one for Covenant events when I had to make an "authentic" South African dessert as well. Everyone loved it! 🙂

  2. You must surely win my frequent commentator award!!! I can’t believe you are still using this recipe – fantastic! Lots of love.

  3. may I know if I can use microwave to bake it instead as I have no oven. how long should I bake? @ how many watt? thankss

  4. Ummm… no idea! I am not a microwave person, but I guess it is a baked custard and it doesn’t have a crust – so, never one to ignore a challenge, I would zap away and watch it very carefully… I tried to google for a microwave milk tart but I only found pie recipes made with condensed milk… I would go for it… zap and watch it carefully – but don’t take me to court on this – I take no responsibility for a microwave billowing forth baked custard!!! Good Luck.

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