Sunday Snippet: From Akebu to Zapotec…Review.

We love this book, it is a great family friendly book for praying for people who don’t have the Bible in their own language yet. It is fabulous for little people who have just mastered reading and can only read a short snippet at a time or even shorter people who still need to be read to.


It has a different people group for each letter of the alphabet. On each page there is a short write up about the people and ends with The ____ people do not have the Bible in their own language. Once we had read through this book, page a day I gave my kids the challenge to pray through the letters of their name. Not only are they praying for people who don’t have the Bible in their language, they are discovering where in the world some very remote people live!

If you use this book as a family then a fabulous site full of tips on how to pray intelligently for bibleless people is at Wycliffe Resources.

Now Akebu to Zapotec is a youngster version of these two books: You Can Change the World and You Too Can Change the World

These in turn are youthful versions of

window on the world.jpg

Which in turn is the junior version of

operation world.jpg

I am sure I will write more about these useful books in the future, I just wanted to focus on the family friendly: Akebu to Zapotec today.

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