Celebrity Chef – Special – Apple Crumble in Se7en Steps.

Yes, the little man, our Celebrity Chef, is back in action:

And this time he had an accomplice! Together they spent a whole day making enough apple crumble for a small kingdom.

A real live pastry chef and his beautiful wife came to spend the day with us on Saturday. Peter and Klari thank you so much we had a wonderful time. And if you ever want to know anything about sugar art or just want to be amazed then have a look at his site.

So Peter and the Celebrity Chef got dressed in their disguises:

Then they sorted their ingredients – sorted and sorted! Talked and discussed, plotted and planned.

Then they began:

Step 1: They made a basic pastry, trust me – totally basic.

Hood#1 documented it all:

And on the Chef’s worked.

And popped the pastry into the fridge for a couple of hours.

Step 2: Then they made enough custard for a whale to go swimming, with all its cousins!




And crumbled some muffins for the toppings.

Step 3: So they got out the apples and they peeled apples and peeled and peeled…

And called in the troops to help. Luckily we have plenty of those.

And we paused for a feast – shew…

Step 4: We recovered from our feast with a wander to the beach.

The chefs needed a lot more rest than others.

Right, back to work guys…

Step 5: They lined the pans with pastry, only the biggest pans we could find.

And they made the filling and if you are taking notes: a bazillion chopped apples, a bazillion raisins and sultanas, bananas, crumbled muffins and about a bottle of cinnamon.

Step 6: Popped the mix in the pastry pans. Topped with pinches of dough and butter and a little bit more cinnamon.

And popped the whole lot into the oven.

And paused for some magic tricks.

Step 7: Just checking the custard. And feast till you full.

Don’t forget to dot it with Lindt buttons.

Yum, Yum You Are Finally Done!

Settle down with a book to recover.

Thanks guys for the most wonderful day, we had a brilliant time.

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