A Tisket A Tasket: Week Three…

So here we are – still tisking and tasking: If you want to get up to speed on this project I introduced it in the post: A Tisket a Tasket… What’s in My Basket… And project progress was reported here:

Tisk #1: We have a post pile, where all lingering papers get dumped. Magazines are included in the pile and while we hardly ever get them we still seem to gather them – very easy to pass on – job done. Anything and everything, including the post. I don’t sort it as it comes in because usually a Hood gets the post in and the chore is complete if it gets to the pile. Well in my previous life, before blogging (!) I would whip through the post pile on a Monday evening and never gave it another thought. Let’s just say I gave the paper recycling a little bit of a boost!

    Task #1: Don’t faint at this stage instead of patting myself on the back and saying job well done I actually went on to file the remains of the pile away.

Tisk #2: I wandered round the house and gathered up all the duplicate books, this happens quite a bit with school books. Then I went back to the text book shelves and filled another box of discards. Amazing how waiting a few days helps you to realize the difference between treasure and trash!

    Task #2: Needed an outdoor task to counter the book session. So did a garden clean-up of rubbish and put all the nature collections back in the nature corner and all the toys back in their spot, which leads to …

Tisk #3: Tossed half the garden toys out. Tonka trucks might be good for 300 thousand bazillion miles, well these ones were actually beyond recognition, no wheels, no cabs, in fact the only thing Tonka about them was the yellow color at the edge of the rust. Aaaah out!

    Task #3: Finally gathered all the sticks (cultural weapons of note) that are pruned from the hedge for pirating and so on and hid them away with the garden rubbish.

Tisk #4: Back indoors and tackled the entrance way. We have these hanging things – for organizing, turns out they are just an excuse for gathering junk! Stuff beyond repair that no one wants to part with. Half-finished projects. Lingering clothes that haven’t been put away… Well refresher… it is back to just the telephone books, borrowed books, parcels to post , a couple of hats and the very necessary at the front door: kite.

    Task #4: The task here was to clean out those little pockets, vacuum out the dust and throw out the rubbish – not as quick and easy as you might imagine!

Tisk #5: Tossed out a jar of spices… I thought the father person liked them and have been smothering every meal with them. He thought the kids liked them and he has been smothering everyone’s meals with them. Meanwhile no-one can stand them!!!

    Task #5: Started the great book repair and sorted them into piles of needs a bit of tape, needs a bit of contact paper and needs a total over haul:  

    This last book was taken behind the couch and systematically shredded it should be tisked, but it is too loved, I will have to tackle it!

Tisk #6: Tossed all the silver packets that the father person’s coffee comes in. He has never ever thrown them out… a rather large collection that he thought would make a lovely framed collage – no dear! They are gone!

    Task #6: Sorted the coffee box. It is at the front door so the lovely coffee smell hits you whenever you come in from going out. I had to remove a couple (I cannot divulge!) of items that had landed in the box as well.

Tisk #7: Handed on some baby goods. We are led to believe that babies, like sports, require a whole lot of merchandise that actually they don’t!!! – Babies require nearly nothing at all. Out went a bouncy chair we don’t need and a changing mat that we have never ever used (it has lain around my house through se7en children).

    Task #7:I cleaned three windows, not the whole house mind you! But we couldn’t actually see very much through them. So its a start!

So that is three weeks of Tisking and Tasking and you would think that everything would feel fresh and cleaned out – but no I think we might need to be moving with a little more momentum against this tide of consumerism. Anyhow in the week ahead I plan to tackle the rest of the mending bag and just persevering. One thing at a time – it HAS to make a difference -surely. Surely! Surely? I dont know this fifteen minutes a day clean up might be a myth – we need a more direct approach around here – total onslaught more likely. Anyway lets see what Week Four brings us!

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