Celebrity Chef: Lemonade in Se7en Steps…

He is back in action.

Apparently he needed a lemon party on the occasion of his fourth birthday…

So we had lemon meringue pie and lemonade.

Here he is making lemonade:


Meet the Players:

  • A bunch of lemons.
  • Some castor sugar.
  • Water about half a liter.
  • Some sparkling lemonade.
  • His secret ingredient (ice blocks). Every chef has one.



Play the Game:

Step 1: Roughly chop the lemons up and pop your lemons into the blender on top of the ice-cubes (hidden you know, it must be a new four-year-old thing!).



Step 2: Taste it…


Step 3: At this stage you might want to add your sugar and you can be liberal here!


Step 4: Add some water into the blender.


Step 5: Blend away. Blend. Blend. Blend.


Step 6: Strain it into a jug – leave all the bits behind.


Step 7: Pour the soda into the mixture, now its fizzling!


Serve Away… with strawberries – a chef’s touch!!!


P.S. How to frost your fancy glasses – just in case you don’t know how!
Put your glasses into the fridge while you are chopping and blending and then take them out just in time to serve and dip them into the sugar bowl… and then your glasses look way cool!


4 Replies to “Celebrity Chef: Lemonade in Se7en Steps…”

  1. Lemonade with fancy glasses and strawberries – sounds heavenly! 🙂 Aunty K. said she thinks the chef has quite a career ahead of him!! (I’m trying to get her to read the blog more often…I keep showing her posts whenever I’m online. She’ll get there!)

  2. Heavenly it was! I am so glad you enjoy our news… I thought of email subscribing Aunty K but then again, that may be pushing a friendship with heaps of emails!!! So I will rely on your marketing – you are a star!

  3. Hi LollyChops! Thanks for checking out the link… I know my best are the screwed up sour faces too! One weird chef kid this, that had to have a lemon party!!! WE will definitely try out your lemon cheesecake bars together in the next week or two! Thanks for another fabulous Sunday recipe!!!

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